Lee Jung-hoo “You’re a SF Star”…Local media reported drinking juice

To check the popularity scale of sports stars, you can check if there are articles that have nothing to do with sports.

This is because people are also curious about what kind of off the ground looks like when it comes to superstars that every single move gets attention.헤라카지노

By this standard, Lee Jung-hoo (25, San Francisco Giants) has not played a game in the U.S. Major League yet and is treated as a star.

“SFgate,” a local media outlet in San Francisco, introduced Lee Jung-hoo’s winter on the 23rd (Korea Standard Time), which is just around the corner to join the team.

Lee Jung-hoo signed a six-year, maximum $113 million contract with San Francisco last month.

After returning to Korea, he will soon leave for the U.S. for Scottsdale, Arizona, a spring camp training site in San Francisco.

The official start date of San Francisco’s spring camp training is February 16.

SF Gate recently paid attention to Lee Jung-hoo’s YouTube account of Kiwoom Heroes, a KBO league team.

Here, a “Vlog” video of Lee Jung-hoo’s daily life visiting San Francisco for a contract last month was posted.

The media introduced, “Lee Jung-hoo, who has not been seen often since the entrance press conference, recognizes the area around Oracle Park (home stadium) and spends time drinking a lot of orange juice.”

Lee Jung-hoo ordered orange juice with chicken wings at a beer bar near Oracle Park.

“The first thing Lee Jung-hoo did was drink orange juice with ice and make an exaggerated sound to the camera,” the media described.

He then introduced Lee Jung-hoo’s words, “The best thing about coming to the United States is that you sell orange juice at any restaurant.”

The media, which gave high marks to Lee Jung-hoo’s self-care of drinking juice anywhere, said, “If there is a local orange juice producer that needs an advertising model, Lee Jung-hoo is the one you were looking for.”

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