Lee Jung-hoo’s controversy over ‘overpay’ is ‘meaningless’, why?…player investment is ‘gambling’, even if he fails, he is responsible for the club, age + competition + thorough verification + alpha

Critics continue to point out that the $113 million contract for Lee Jung-hoo (San Francisco Giants) is “overpay.”

In particular, some Japanese media are arguing that Lee Jung-hoo’s $113 million is valid, as if his pride was hurt by the fact that Lee Jung-hoo exceeded Masataka Yoshida’s $90 million.

Some U.S. media also point out that the treatment of Lee Jung-hoo is excessive, but many refute that it is not.

Is Lee Jung-hoo’s $113 million “overpay”?

In conclusion, this controversy is meaningless.
This is because if Lee Jung-hoo is good, it is not, and if he is not good, it is.

The problem lies in the inability to know. Investing in players is a kind of “gambling.” It is fortunate if a player performs well, but even if he or she is not good, it is not the player’s fault. The club is responsible.

A club that is “stabbed by a trusted axe” is a fortune. Some years succeed, others fail thoroughly.

Anthony Landon (L.A.) is a good example. The Angels, which signed an astronomical contract for their stellar performance in the World Series, are now hitting the ground. He never expected that he would be such a player. Who are the “Muk-Too” players?

However, in the case of Lee Jung-hoo, there may be some controversy in that he has no major league experience.

However, it is absurd to conclude that he is “overpay” just because he has never played in the big league.헤라카지노

In that sense, Yoshida had no experience and neither did Yoshinobu Yamamoto.

Although he has no big league experience, the club must have tried to reduce risks as much as possible through thorough verification. In the case of Landon, he contracted without verification procedures based on the World Series performance and is losing out. Therefore, the presence or absence of big league experience is not a big deal.

In the case of Lee Jung-hoo, San Francisco has already been keeping a close eye on him for a long time. As a result, he decided to recruit him.

The same goes for Yamamoto. For example, Yamamoto has the ability to effectively catch opponents by exploiting strong commands. The Dodgers do not call a $325 million contract “overpay” because it is a technology that can work anywhere.

In addition, the expert’s analysis that Yamamoto may have paid attention to the vertical movement of the fastball seems convincing.

According to statistics, the vertical break for an MLB four-seam fastball in 2023 was 15.7 inches. Yamamoto’s 2023 average was 18.5 inches. The average vertical movement in WBC tournaments using MLB balls was closer to 17 inches.

The age of Lee Jung-hoo and Yamamoto (25 years old) may also have contributed to the big contract. MLB places great importance on the age of players. The two have not even reached their prime yet.

Another is that competition between clubs has raised their ransom. If competition is severe, bidding prices will rise.

The marketing effect is also significant. The Angels have had Shohei Ohtani for six years, and as a result, the Angels did not make money from non-game income.

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