‘Humiliating 0-goal elimination’ Chinese soccer… Grabbing an ’80-year-old veteran’ and saying, “Come back.”

China is on the verge of being eliminated from the group stage with no goals for the first time in the Asian Cup history of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC). As a result of disgraceful results, Chinese soccer fans appealed to 80-year-old veteran coach Bora Milutinovic (Serbia) to come back.

China lost 0-1 in the final third match of Group A of the Asian Cup against Qatar at Khalifa International Stadium in Alayyan, Qatar on the 23rd (Korea time).랭크카지노

With two draws and one loss (two points), China ranked third in its group, trailing Qatar with nine points and Tajikistan with four points. China can advance to the round of 16 based on its third-place performance in the other five groups, which has arithmetic potential but is far from easy. This time, 24 teams will participate in the Asian Cup, in which teams of four teams will play in groups of six. The top four teams among the first, second and third-place teams in each group will be able to advance to the round of 16.

Currently, Indonesia and Bahrain (both 3 points) are already ahead of China, and the rest of the group’s third-place finishers can surpass China’s points depending on the results of the final match.

If China is eliminated from the group stage, it will be the first time in 13 years since the Qatar event in 2011. It is even the first time that China has failed to score zero goals.

China, which has shown sluggish performance repeatedly in recent months, has yet to recover from its sluggish performance in this year’s event as well. It is all the more miserable.

Aleksandar Jankovic took part in this year’s event by playing extremely defensive soccer, in which five defenders were deployed. However, both the content and outcome of the match in China were unsatisfactory.

In the second match against Lebanon, the opponent was lucky, hitting the goal twice, avoiding defeat, and losing 0-1 against Qatar, which excluded a large number of its main players from the starting lineup.

Even in offense, China failed to take advantage of its critical scoring opportunities several times, leaving it scoreless. China has been on the finals for 13 consecutive times since the 1976 Iran Olympics, and this is the first time that it has failed to score even a single goal.

Chinese soccer fans were angry at the frustrating content and results, demanding Jankovic’s replacement.

Immediately after the defeat against Qatar, he met Milutinovic (Serbia), a “old man” who had ended his leadership career, and expressed his frustration.

Milutinovic, who led China to the 2002 World Cup Korea-Japan, visited the stadium to watch the match against Qatar and China, and met with Chinese fans outside the stadium after the match. Chinese fans greeted Milutinovic for more than 10 minutes, expressing discontent about the current Chinese soccer.

A Chinese fan said, “Please come back to the Chinese coach. Chinese soccer needs you.” Without any answer, Milutinovic just smiled.

On the other hand, Chinese players, who might have to pack with just three games, couldn’t raise their heads at the humiliating result. After the match against Qatar, the team quietly exited the stadium without answering questions from reporters.

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