Coach Wi Sung-woo of Woori Bank, ‘Asan Baekho’ with one win left until the first 300 wins in the history of female farmers… What’s the secret?

Women’s professional basketball team Asan Woori Bank was an underdog. Woori Bank, which ranked the bottom in the 2008-2009 season, was sluggish enough to stay at the bottom for four consecutive years from the 2011-2012 season. Woori Bank has changed since Incheon Shinhan Bank coach Wi Sung-woo took the helm in the 2012-2013 season. Coach Wi has turned Woori into a powerful team, ranking first in the regular league nine times and second twice in 11 seasons, including leading Woori to a unified championship in his first year as a team.라바카지노도메인

The “Asan Baekho” coach Wi, who has built up his victory one by one, will have only one game left until his 300th career victory. In the history of women’s professional basketball, Wi is the only leader who has 200 wins, let alone 300 wins. Woori Bank won 61-50 in a showdown with Shinhan Bank held at the Yi Sun-shin Gymnasium in Asan on Monday, and Wi will have his 299th career win.

The secret of his long-term career is that he is obsessed with basketball and never misses the flow of change. “Wi is a person who thinks about basketball all day long. During lunch, he always watches NBA games and makes various attempts by taking notes on new pattern plays to apply them to his team,” a Woori Bank source said. He sometimes shows strong charisma but gets along with players in private, which is another strength of coach Wi. At the All-Star game, Wi is so comfortable that he dances on the court at the request of players. However, he sometimes inspires players to the point where he says, “Are you kidding me on the court?” and spends time without saying anything.

Woori will play an away game against Yongin Samsung Life Insurance on Saturday and Shinhan Bank on Sunday. If he wins just one of the two games, Wi will have 300 wins. Woori plans to hold an event to celebrate Wi’s 300 wins at a home game on March 3.

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