Price of a drunk beer bottle → Complaint of leniency after being sued for special injury → Allegations of special assault on his wife… Jeong Su-geun, another police officer, has been arrested

Former professional baseball player Chung Soo-geun has been embroiled in another scandal over police charges. Chung, who was under police investigation for allegedly assaulting a man he had never seen before while drinking, was booked by the police this time for specially assaulting his wife with a golf club.헤라카지노주소

The Southern Police Station in Namyangju, Gyeonggi Province, said it booked Jung Soo-geun on Jan. 21 on special charges of assault.

Jeong Su-geun is suspected of hitting his wife’s forehead once with a golf club because he was intoxicated at his home in the early morning of the 20th. Police received a report from the man and arrested him at the scene.

However, it is known that Jung Soo-geun denied the allegation of special assault in a police investigation. The police plan to call Jung Soo-geun back to investigate the incident after taking measures to return home.

Jeong has already become a hot topic of conversation over the alleged assault on a drinking party. On Jan. 12, Jeong was questioned at the Nambu Police Station in Namyangju, Gyeonggi Province on charges of special injury. Jeong reportedly admitted the crime during an initial police subpoena.

Jeong Soo-geun was accused of wielding a beer bottle on the head when he got angry while having a conversation with the man he met for the first time at a bar on Dec. 21 last year. It has been confirmed that the man seriously injured his head due to Jeong’s assault.

A filed a complaint against Jung Soo-geun on the 2nd. After the incident, Jung reportedly sent a message to A, saying, “I’m so sorry and I’ll get any punishment,” and “Please forgive me just once.”

At the time, a police official said, “[Jung Soo-geun] admitted the crime in the first investigation,” adding, “We plan to send him to the prosecution without detention soon.”

Meanwhile, Jeong Su-geun, born in 1977, started his professional career by joining OB Bears in 1995 after graduating from Deoksu High School. Jeong Su-geun, who was an undisputed leadoff man with the style of the Hotajun, made his name widely known by winning the title of stolen base for four consecutive years from 1998 to 2001.

After the end of the 2003 season, Chung became an FA and wore a Lotte Giants uniform for a six-year total of W4.06 billion. However, Chung did not perform as well as expected as he was embroiled in several controversies related to drinking incidents while with Lotte. Eventually, Chung decided to retire from active duty in September 2009 due to another drinking problem.

After his retirement from active duty, Jung continued his career in various fields such as commentator, personal business, and personal broadcasting, but was eventually embroiled in a drinking-related accident again. Less than a month after the recent controversy over the assault on a beer bottle occurred, Jung was again embroiled in a suspicion of assault on alcohol.

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