“It’s not a big problem” Son Heung-min’s big picture, avoiding Japan in the round of 16 is not bad, but… It’s a close “number of cases.”

It is also the number of cases. The passing of the group stage at the Qatar Asian Cup is not a problem. The structure of the round of 16 teams, in which a loser will be eliminated, is complicated.

Japan in Group D has become a bomb. Japan was considered a strong candidate along with the Republic of Korea. However, the team collapsed in the second group match. It suffered a shock defeat of 1-2 by Iraq. The No. 1 ranking in Group D was decided early on by Iraq, which won all of its two matches (six points). In this year’s event, if the points are the same, the winner-win rule will apply. Even if Japan beats Indonesia, which has the same win and one loss (three points) in the final group match, it will not be able to overcome Iraq. The winner-winner is followed by goal difference and multiple points. Currently, chances are high that Japan will take the second place. Chances are low that it will become an “extraordinary sacrifice” again.

The No. 1 ranking in Group E, where South Korea is located, will compete with the No. 2 ranking in Group D in the round of 16 teams. Except for Coach Kim Pan-gon’s Malaysia team, which was eliminated after losing all of their two matches, Group E is in chaos. Team E is tying at 2-2 with Team Jordan, recording one win and one draw (four points). However, their rankings were mixed. Jordan (+4), which defeated Malaysia 4 to 0 in the first match, is ranking first in goal difference. Bahrain is ranking third with one win and one loss (three points).랭크카지노

The fate of Group E will be determined in the final match. South Korea will have a showdown with Malaysia and Jordan with Bahrain. Kick-off will take place at 8:30 p.m. on Saturday (Korea time). At the Qatar Asian Cup, four teams ranking first and second in each group and third in six groups will advance to the round of 16. Even if the team ranks third with one win and one draw, the round of 16 teams will remain “stable.”

If the current position remains the same, it will hurt our pride, but it is not a bad idea to avoid Japan, which is highly likely to rank second in Group D to rank second in Group E. However, chances are higher that South Korea will rank No. 1. The FIFA rankings are just numbers, but they are still incomparable to Malaysia. South Korea is ranked 23rd, while Malaysia is ranked 130th, 107 places lower.

If the team wins over Malaysia, it will have seven points. If Jordan defeats Bahrain, it will have the same number of points. Since the match is a draw with South Korea in the winner’s win, the ranking is decided based on goal difference. On the other hand, if Jordan ties or loses, South Korea will rank No. 1. If the team ties with Malaysia for the first time in a while, it will rank No. 2. If the team loses to Malaysia and Bahrain wins against Jordan, it could drop to the third place, but the possibility is slim.

If South Korea takes the top spot in Group E, the team will meet Japan in the round of 16, Iran in the quarterfinals, and Qatar in the semifinals. If the team takes the second place, it will face off against No. 1 in Group F, which includes Saudi Arabia, in the round of 16. Chances are high that it will face Australia in the quarterfinals and Iraq in the semifinals

There is still a possibility of a match between Korea and Japan in the round of 16. Jürgen Klinsmann said, “For now, we are only looking at Malaysia. It is important to learn from all the matches played in the group league and to point out possible variables. We should remember the struggles and difficulties that Middle Eastern teams show and make, and we should not repeat the same mistakes in the future.” Captain Son Heung-min said, “If you want to win a competition, it’s not a big deal. We have to face any team. And we have to win.” He has been losing in the group league since the beginning of the group league due to the number of cases in the round of 16.

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