Tottenham → “I’ll wait for you.” Finally, the last greeting… Perisic “Forever Farewell.”

Tottenham announced its breakup with Perisic on Wednesday (Korea time). “We have agreed to lease Haiduk Split and Perisic for the rest of the season,” the club said.월카지노

Veteran Perisic, who turns 35 next month, will end his contract with Tottenham at the end of this season. Leasing for the rest of the season means “forever separation.”

Perisic met with Tottenham in the summer of 2022 as former coach Antonio Conte’s first recruitment. Perisic, who was located at left wingback, had a strong attack tendency and had a discord with wingford Son Heung-min. It was “water and oil.”

They found a final touch point at the end of the season. However, Tottenham already lost ground. Conte left Tottenham. Perisic also wandered off.

He played 44 games and scored one goal and 11 assists last season. Perisic was expected to move ahead of this season. His hometown team, Croatia’s prestigious Haiduk Split, is expected to return.

However, Perisic’s choice was to stay. In the new season under the leadership of Enze Postecoglou, Perisic started one League Cup match and replaced five matches in the English Premier League.

He still has the capacity to cross, his signature cross move. He posted two assists. However, his watch stopped due to injury. He ruptured anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee during training in September last year.

Perisic, who was declared ” out of season”, is currently in rehabilitation after undergoing surgery. Perisic will continue his rehabilitation at Haiduk Split.

It is regrettable to say goodbye after injury, but it was the best choice for Tottenham. Having settled in Tottenham as a free agent without transfer fee, he is earning the second highest annual salary following Son Heung-min.

His weekly salary is 180,000 pounds (about 306 million won). Son is currently paid 190,000 pounds (about 323 million won) a week.

His relationship with Haiduk Split was also considered. Tottenham announced the signing of 16-year-old center back Luka Vuskovic in September last year.

Playing for Haiduk Split, he is Croatia’s future where Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain, Liverpool, Chelsea and Newcastle United have their eyes on him. Buskovic reportedly insisted on moving to Tottenham despite the interest of the “big club.”

During the negotiations, Perisic is said to have appeared as an “offshub.” Despite signing a contract with Tottenham, Buskovic decided to stay at Haiduk Split and move to England when he turned 18.

When Perisic emerged, Son wished for a speedy recovery through SNS, saying, “I will wait for you, who is already the best player, to come back stronger.” However, that was his last greeting.

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