“Ohtani+α.” LA Dodgers, is it possible to achieve a dream win rate of 70 percent?

Can the Los Angeles Dodgers, which built the dream team, achieve the highest win and dream win percentage ever.

Major League Baseball’s website (MLB.com ) selected a total of seven clubs on the 17th (Korea time) as teams that will have more than 10 wins compared to last season.헤라카지노도메인

Including the Los Angeles Dodgers, Philadelphia (90-72), New York Yankees (82-80), Cincinnati (82-80), New York Mets (75-87), St. Louis (71-91), and Kansas City (56-106) are the main characters.

The team that deserves attention is the Dodgers. The Dodgers had 100 wins and 62 losses (winning rate of 0.617) last year, the second most wins after Atlanta (104 wins) and Baltimore (101 wins). Analysts say that even though the team has already built up its superpower, it is possible to secure more wins here.

The reason is simple. It is no exaggeration to say that they are the Dream Team, which has taken a wide-ranging step in the Stove League this time.

First, he succeeded in catching Shohei Ohtani, the most popular player in the major leagues, by pouring $700 million (about 940 billion won), the highest amount in North American sports history, and recruited key resources such as Yoshinobu Yamamoto, Tyler Glasnow, and Teosca Hernandez.

The Dodgers` offensive power is widely expected to be the strongest ever. Last year, as many as four players — Mookie Betts (107 RBIs), Max Muncy (105 RBIs), J.D. Martinez (103 RBIs) and Freddie Freeman (102 RBIs) — showed off their formidable offense by scoring triple-digit RBIs. In addition, Ohtani, a 40-homer batter, and Hernandez, who had 32 home runs and 116 RBIs in 2021, will join the outfield.

Yamamoto and Glasnow joined the starting rotation, which was pointed out as a weak point, and it became possible to establish a perfect fifth starting system. This is why the Dodgers, which created the Dream Team, are considered strong candidates for the World Series next season.

So far, the most wins in the history of the Major League have been 116 just twice in the history of the Major League. In 1906, the Chicago Cubs won 116 games in 152 games, and in 2001, Seattle (162-game system) achieved the same feat.

The Dodgers’ most wins in its history came in 2022. It won 111 games (51 losses) that year, showing a formidable record of 0.685 percentage point, but was eliminated from the division series in the postseason, and lost in the division series.

The highest winning percentage was in 1906 when the Chicago Cubs won 116. At that time, the Cubs had a whopping 0.763. However, the Cubs were also far from winning the World Series title (second place).

Meanwhile, the winning rate of 70% or more per season in the history of the Major League has come out a total of 15 times, and if caught after 1900, it will be narrowed down to 11 teams. The Dodgers’ highest winning rate in the team was 0.717 in 2020, when it won the championship, and at that time, it was a shortened season (43 wins and 17 losses in 60 games) due to COVID-19.

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