Kim Yong-gyu and Abemaria, Pocheon City Hall, group departures together

Pocheon City Hall’s Kim Yong-kyu and Ave Maria won side by side in the men’s and women’s general teams’ group start at the 35th National Biathlon Cup of the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Kim Yong-kyu, who is guided by coach Shim Bum-sun and coach Nam Ji-kwon, recorded 37 minutes and 34.6 seconds in the men’s general team’s group start on the second day of the competition at Alpensia Biathlon Center in Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do, on the 13th, beating Jung Min-sung (39 minutes and 36.7 seconds) and Choi Jun-ki (40 minutes and 05 seconds).마카오토토도메인

In addition, Abe Maria, the national women’s general team member, won the gold medal with a time of 34:12.1, far ahead of Kim Joo-ran (37:54:1) and Ham Hae-young (38:33:3).

Pocheon City Hall coach Shim Bum-sun said, “(Kim) Yong-kyu’s skills improved after going to a field training session with the Gyeonggi Provincial Government’s cross-country team in Italy. The two women’s players gained experience by participating in overseas field training and World Cup competitions as members of the national team, which seems to have led to good results from the first competition.”

“During the last off-season, I have been training in Pocheon with Rollersky on the ground and maintained my sense of actual action through electronic shooting. As the full-fledged season has begun, I will continue to try to produce good results,” Shim added.

Meanwhile, Park Seo-yoon (Pocheon Ildong Elementary School) easily beat Kim Ji-an (Pocheon G Sports Club, 15:04:5) and Lee Eun-seo (Seoul Federation, 18:11:8) with a time of 12:52.2, winning two gold medals following the sprint gold medal the previous day.

On the other hand, Yoo Hyun-min (Pocheon Ildong Middle School), who won the South Central Sprint on the first day, unfortunately finished second to Kim Hyung-kyun (Muju Seolcheon Middle School, 35:05:2) in the individual race, while Jonathan (Ildong High School) and Kwak Hyun-kyung (Pocheon Ildong Middle School) won silver medals side by side with 38:57:8 and 30:29:8, respectively.

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