’87 billion won for a 16-year-old…’ → Even fans slammed Chelsea for “the owner is crazy” → 1 billion pounds invested, but still in the middle ranks

Chelsea of the English Premier League is investing a large amount of money again. It costs 52 million pounds for the 16-year-old wonderkid, 87 billion Korean won. However, Chelsea fans say it is rather absurd.

British newspaper The Sun reported on Wednesday that Chelsea is trying to complete the transfer of a 16-year-old player. However, fans pointed out that Boehly has yet to learn.

Chelsea’s target player is highly regarded as a young striker. He is already called “Messinho.”

According to the article, another Brazilian wonderkid that Chelsea is targeting is Estevao Willian. He is 16 years old this year and plays for Palmeiras, a Brazilian Serie A team.월카지노도메인

Willian is already called a soccer prodigy in Brazil. Although he is in Brazil, he is said to have been nicknamed “Messinho,” meaning he is the successor to Lionel Messi.

Willian made his debut for Palaisas when he won the Serie A title on the final day of the season at the end of last year. According to transfer journalist Pvaccio Romano, Chelsea are in talks with the club to sign Willian. At just 16, Palaisas has been recognizing his talent early on and has been setting aside £52 million for his transfer.

As it turns out, Chelsea is not the only one who has paid attention. They say Spain’s prestigious Barcelona is also in the race to recruit players.

Chelsea have been investing heavily since LA Dodgers co-owner Todd Boehly took over in May 2022. It has been investing £1 billion to reorganize its players. In particular, it is pursuing an aggressive strategy of paying big money for young players.

Boehly, who invested a whopping 1 billion pounds, has yet to be praised by his fans. Team performance is either in the same spot or in a recession. As an American businessman, he may be an expert in baseball, but he is not an expert in English Premier League.

For about a year and a half, Boehly has recruited a number of young Brazilian prospects such as Andrej Santos, Angelo Gabriel, and David Washington. However, only Washington has played for 14 minutes in the third round against Preston in the FA Cup.

Fans watching the situation are skeptical about the owner’s strategy. They are worried that Boehly is making a mistake like ignoring the present while recruiting players for the future.

Fans are even openly worried that “Chelsea doesn’t seem to sign a player over the age of 25 because of Boehly who is hooked on young players.”

As one fan pointed out, money is spent on money, but Chelsea’s current situation is in the middle.

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