Special Prospects Who Used to Give to NC caught Koo Chang-mo 59 times between the military… Will there be a ‘special limited edition’ that can’t be seen this year or else

NC Dinos announced on the 12th that rookie Kim Hwigan will wear No. 59 as he announced the change in his uniform number in a shared data of the team’s collection of players for the new year. Kim Hwigan’s choice of No. 59 was important news, with the fact that Kim Hyung-joon changed his number from No. 47 to No. 25 last year and that the new foreign player’s uniform number was set as Daniel Castano No. 20, Kyle Hart No. 30, and Matt Davidson No. 44.

His uniform number is 59. It is the number that left-handed pitcher Koo Chang-mo used until last year. Koo wore it 33 times in 2015 alone, his first year of joining the club, and he kept using it 59 times from 2016.헤라카지노도메인

Since his debut in the first division was in 2016, he spent a total of 59 times with Koo Chang-mo informing baseball fans of himself. He recorded 47 wins, 37 losses and four holds with an ERA of 3.68 in 174 games in just seven seasons 59 times. In 2020, he won nine games with an unbeaten ERA of 1.74 in 15 games, contributing to the overall win of the regular season and the Korean Series.

Although he has never filled the required innings yet due to frequent injuries, NC has bet heavily on the performance of “healthy Koo Chang-mo.” In December 2022, he signed a non-FA multi-year contract with Koo depending on when he became an FA.

If you qualify as an FA after the end of the 2024 season, you will have a total of 12.5 billion won, including 9 billion won in annual salary incentives and 3.5 billion won in six-year contract periods from 2023, or up to 13.2 billion won, including a guaranteed annual salary of 8.8 billion won and the execution of a seven-year contract, from 2023.

Koo Chang-mo made the shortlist for the national team at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games held last year and failed just before the competition. Due to his injury, it was unclear whether he would play in October, but he managed to return in September due to his rehabilitation pace, but he had arm problems again. He applied to the Sangmu Baseball Team of the Korean Armed Forces Sports Unit and joined the military in December last year.

With Koo Chang-mo’s enlistment in Sangmu, NC was put on the verge of having 59 owners leave the team for a while. Rookie Kim Hui-gun decided to boldly enter the position. Kim Hui-gun was selected by NC as the fifth overall pick in the first round in last year’s rookie draft.

“I was born in Changwon and started playing baseball in Changwon. I grew up watching NC`s baseball from a young age. I also dreamed of becoming a player. I want to give back the love NC gave me. I will give my right arm for NC,” he said.

Manager Kang In-kwon said, “Kim Hui-gun is a pitcher who throws a fastball over 150 kilometers per hour. I heard that his parents were also athletes. There will be genes. If you adapt well to your professional life, you are likely to grow into a good pitcher,” welcoming the joining of a top prospect.

Only No. 59 Kim Hwi-gun is very likely to be a “limited edition” that can only be seen this year. The reason for the 59th selection, which Kim Hwi-gun himself said, is that “while Koo Chang-mo was in the military.”

Kim Hwigan wrote on his Instagram account why he boldly picked No. 59. After introducing himself as NC Dinos’ new No. 59 Kim Hwigan, he said, “When I first got the number, I wondered if I could really get it. I think I was a little hesitant because I understood the meaning of this number so well. However, I wanted to go higher, and I think I chose this number because I thought it was the first step to get there.”

It also seems to be aware of fans’ curious reactions. “While Koo Chang-mo is in the military, I want to learn many things and grow up with fans. It won’t be easy, but I hope you cheer for me,” Kim said. “I will do my best not to disappoint my fans. Thank you.”

In terms of potential, Kim is qualified to wear No. 59. Kim is a right-handed pitcher who is 191 centimeters tall and weighs 105 kilograms. NC Dinosaurs judged that the pitching power would work well in the pro league.

“Kim Hui-gun is a very valuable starting pitcher based on his outstanding physical strength and explosive pitching. He was confident that he is a resource to select fastballs that fit the recent trend of the KBO league. We also decided to nominate him given that he has the highest potential,” said Min Dong-geun, head of the NC Dinosaurs’ scouting team.

“He is one of the best starting pitchers with excellent physical conditions, athletic sense and explosive pitching power. I believe he has unlimited potential. I am confident that my team’s nurturing system will enable me to turn such potential and possibilities into reality, so I nominated him without hesitation. I believe that he will be able to show Kim Hui-gun standing on the mound at NC Park in Changwon in the near future. The team will also do its best to ensure that such a day comes as soon as possible,” Lim said.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyung-joon, one of the “post Yang Eui-ji,” picked No. 25 that Yang Eui-ji wore in the NC Dinos. When Yang Eui-ji returned to the Doosan Bears last year, Kim Sung-wook picked No. 25. “I wanted to have the number with No. 2 because I was a catcher. Sung-wook didn’t use it, so I wore it. That doesn’t mean much to me. It’s good to look pretty.”

Kim Sung-wook went back to No. 38, which he wrote from 2014 to 2016. 2014 was the season when Kim Sung-wook started receiving first-team opportunities under manager Kim Kyung-moon. In 2016, he recorded his first double-digit home run since his debut. His 15 home runs at the time still remain his career high. His batting average of 0.265 with an on-base percentage of 0.334, and a slugging percentage of 0.467 are also his best since his debut.

Davidson used No. 95 in the Hiroshima Carp last year. In the Major League, he wore various jersey numbers and most of them included 4. This is the first time for No. 44.

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