Missing Korean Players, Basketball in Crisis

Suwon KT Paris Bath (29, U.S.), a professional basketball player in Korea, was selected as the MVP of the third round on the 8th. It is the first time in the KBL (Korea Basketball Federation) league history that a foreign player has been selected as MVP for three consecutive rounds. The first round was played by Wonju DB Didrick Lawson (27, U.S.), and Changwon LG Asem Maray (32, Egypt), the second round. There is a sense of crisis, saying, “Who will watch professional basketball where only foreign players shine?”

Korea’s dependence on foreign players is a task that has been followed since the launch of the KBL in 1997. Korean players ranked ninth (23.1 points) in average score at games in the 1997 season, and Jeon Hee-cheol (51) currently head coach of the Seoul SK Wyverns. Among the top 10 players, Korean players accounted for half of the total in the 2010-2011 season. Three of them were naturalized mixed-race players (Moon Tae-young, Moon Tae-jong, and Lee Seung-jun). This season, Lee Jung-hyun (25, 20.3 points) from Goyang Sono, ranked sixth, and Ha Yoon-ki (25, 16.3 points) from Suwon KT, ranked 10th. Korean players have never topped the score list in professional basketball in any season. KBL coaches leave their schedules empty in May, right after the end of the season. They have to find foreign players to bring in from Europe and the U.S. in person for the next season. “Working hard at this moment determines farming in a single season,” a former professional basketball team coach said.라바카지노

The Wonju DB (25 wins and six losses), which ranks first this season, is highly attributed to Lawson, a foreign player. Lawson contributed greatly to making the Goyang Carrot (currently Sono) advance to the semifinals of the playoffs last season. He moved to the DB this season and has an average of 22.3 points, 10.2 rebounds, and 4.8 assists. Analysts say this is the driving force behind the DB’s advance to the top from the seventh place last season. Sono, who lost Lawson, is tied for eighth (10 wins and 20 losses).

The Japanese professional basketball league will increase the number of foreign players who can play simultaneously to a maximum of four from 2026. It was two players in the past. “I don’t believe that Japanese basketball will strengthen just by forcing many Japanese players to play,” said Shinji Shimada, president of the B-League. Chinese professional basketball is trying to enhance its competitiveness by recruiting former NBA stars. “As tactics are mainly implemented by foreign players, Korean basketball stars are almost gone and the national team’s performance is weakening,” SPOTV commentator Lee Sang-yoon said.

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