“Breaking Messi” Hong Ten! “Last dance in Paris!”


Breaking Legendary ‘Hong Ten’ Kim Hong-yeol dreams of a true last dance at the Paris Olympics.마카오토토도메인

Reporter Lee Jun-hee met Kim Hong-yeol, who wanted to prove that he could dance splendidly even at the age of 40.


Breaking, in which the words “break dance” and “be-boying” are more familiar, embroidered the stage with colorful dance moves.

With six months to go before the opening of the Paris Olympics, there is an athlete in the midst of high-level headspin practice so that his hat can come off.

Breaking, which became the official Olympic event for the first time in history.

Hong Ten’s Kim Hong-yeol, dubbed the Messi of the breaking world, is sweating for the first champion.

[Kim Hong Yeol / Breaking national team: “Hello, I’m Kim Hong Yeol. I tried my best to make everyone know my name. I don’t think so”.]

Kim Hong-yeol is a living legend of breaking, having also won the World Championship-like Red Bull BC One Final three times.

He has already reached 40 lines, but his skills remain so good that he won the silver medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games.

[Kim Hong Yeol/Breaking national team: “I was so happy because I thought I won the final, but I was so upset and annoyed when I saw the results. I thought about it after I got the medal, but I left a lot of good memories for the Asian Games.”

The only puzzle left in the already overflowing trophy is the Olympic medal!

Kim Hong-yeol is dreaming of a true last dance on the podium in Paris.

[Kim Hong Yeol / Breaking national team: “I think the Paris Olympics is the last dance. There’s no drama like that if you win a gold medal at the last stage.”]

Breaking on the eve of the closing ceremony, Kim Hong-yeol is preparing for a spectacular finale on Concorde Square, which contains the history of Paris.

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