Transferring ‘Pierro’ to Defend Japan’s Dip (DEEP) title in March… The opponent has 22 wins and is a veteran

“Pierro” Lee Dong-ha (29, Sabi MMA) will defend the first round of the Japanese DEEP title. He will face challenger Kimihiro Eto (35, Japan) in Deep 118 at Gorakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan, on March 9.

Striker who has played kickboxing since transferring high school. He served in the Marine Corps Honorary Corps from 2014 to 2016, and after being discharged from the military, he began full-fledged mixed martial arts training in April 2017. He gained amateur experience in the Road FC Central League, and debuted as a pro in 2021. Overall, he won and lost four games and two.마카오토토도메인

He joined Black Kombat in 2022 and blossomed. In December, he won by decision over “bear fist” Kim Jung-kyun and became the lightweight champion of Black Kombat. In April last year, he successfully defended his title by catching “hunter” Park Jong-hun as an Ambassador.

In September last year, he became the hero of the unexpected event in his first expedition to Japan. He was tapped by Juri Ohara with more than 50 games experience by Sloev stretching, and became a deep lightweight champion. He instantly rose to the top of both groups in Korea and Japan.

He plans to defend the title by going back and forth between the transferring blackcomb and the dip. Now, it is time to defend the deep title. After successfully playing this game, he is ready to defend the blackcomb title. He is committed to continuing his upward trend of three consecutive wins.

Of course, he is not an easy target. Kimihiro Eto is a veteran player with 22 wins, two draws and six losses, debuted in 2013 and played in the dip before gaining experience in the One Championship from 2018 to 2020. He won the One Championship by Amir Khan and Trestle Tan, but lost to Park twice. In 2020, he was defeated by Shinya Aoki.

After returning to the Japanese stage in 2022, he is on a roll. He has won five consecutive games and acquired the right to challenge for the deep title.

“Eto Kimihiro is good at hitting and has a lot of judo skills. Watching the video of the match, I thought I wanted to meet him more,” he said with a smile, adding, “It’s been a while since I met a fighter based on wrestling. Wouldn’t it be a chance to prove myself?”

This is the 7th game of the transfer profession. The negative outlook was dominant due to the wide gap in experience with the last opponent, Juri Ohara, but it broke many expectations and won the submission.

When asked, “What’s the secret to going beyond experience?” he said, “Maybe it’s because I think this moment could be the last.” He had severe neck disc, which caused paralysis of both hands. He recently underwent a procedure, but he is still in a dangerous state. It would not be strange to retire right away. I think it could be the last game, and I think I got good results as I entered the cage.”

“I don’t put much meaning on the belt. The people around me are more precious. I think it’s important to show them how hard they work. I want to be recognized for that,” he said.

Deep is a mid-sized Japanese organization that has continued to hold competitions since its launch in 2001. It has advanced several champions to its biggest group, Laijin. Along with Lee, Park Si-yoon, a female atomweight, is also a champion in both black combo and deep teams.

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