‘Seonggol Seoul Man’ Lee Tae-seok, ‘Kidong Magic’ Tactical Defense Line’s Key Rise

FC Seoul has renewed a contract with side defender Lee Tae-seok (22), who is considered the future and is a former team’s flagship youth.

Lee Tae-seok, a goal youth who joined FC Seoul in 2021 after graduating from Osan Middle School and Osan High School, has grown into the core of FC Seoul’s side defense by playing a total of 76 games in the K-League over the three seasons through the 2023 season. In particular, Lee Tae-seok played a big role in penetrating the path of FC Seoul’s attack based on his talent for accurate and sharp kicking.랭크카지노

Through the renewal of Lee Tae-seok’s contract, FC Seoul will establish the strongest and most stable side defense line in the K-League, including Kim Jin-ya (26) and Lee Si-young (27), as well as Choi Joon (25), who it newly recruited. FC Seoul expects head coach Kim Ki-dong to bring tactical flexibility with players of different strengths in the 2024 season.

“I’m so happy that I can renew my contract with FC Seoul. I think I’m a blessed player just to be able to play at the Seoul World Cup Stadium with the support of my guardian deity. I’ll contribute to the team so that we can achieve good results in order to rebuild FC Seoul’s prestigious family under the new coach,” Lee said.

Meanwhile, Lee Tae-seok, who has consistently played in the national team by age and is raising his stock price, will leave for Turkiye on the 13th (Saturday) with Baek Jong-beom and Kang Sung-jin to participate in the Olympic national soccer team’s off-season training.

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