Chelsea are aiming for our player again? The ransom this time is 167.8 billion won… Brighton preparing to take a share with Ferguson

Chelsea is aiming for Evan Ferguson, a 20-year-old striker from Brighton Hove Albion. Astronomical transfer fees are already being discussed.

The Evening Standard reported that Chelsea aims to recruit striker Jamok Ferguson in the English Premier League in line with its recruitment policy focused on promising players. He is not saying that he would buy it right away in the January transfer market, but he aimed to recruit it from a long-term perspective.월카지노

Trading between the two teams is getting more frequent. Brighton has a reputation for nurturing and selling players well, and Chelsea in particular is its top customer. Midfielder Moises Caicedo who sold to Chelsea last summer reportedly paid more than 100 million pounds for his transfer. The sale of goalkeeper Robert Sanchez was also successful. In the summer of 2022, defender Marc Cucurella and even manager Graham Potter were well paid.

Ferguson is still a prospect, but the estimated transfer fee is considered to be around £100 million, the same as Caicedo. Brighton has a long-term contract with Ferguson until 2029, so there is no need to hurry.

Although Ferguson’s talent has not been recognized widely, he has scored six goals in the EPL 2022-2023 season and 10 goals including the Cup championship. He has grown further by scoring six goals in the league after half of this season. He has also become a key striker for the Irish national team and has scored three goals in 10 matches.

“Ferguson is a very special talent. He can become a superstar,” said Alan Shearer, a soccer commentator who was once the best striker in the history of the EPL. There were already reports that Tottenham Hotspur have considered Harry Kane as a substitute, and there were rumors that he would move to Manchester United.

For Chelsea, Nicola Jackson was hired last summer to reinforce the striker position, but unlike the favorable reviews in terms of team play, the play is getting worse as the scoreless score is prolonged. It is similar to Timo Werner (current Tottenham), who did not seem to be able to overcome the pressure as a Chelsea striker.

There were reports that they were aiming to recruit Victor Osimhen, a proven striker, but if a large amount of money is invested in Ferguson, it will be difficult to buy the two players at the same time. The decision must be made immediately between a sense of power and a promising player.

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