I see Choo Shin-soo’s contract… Local media said, “Kim Ha-sung will succeed if he catches it for $150 million.”

The asking price of Kim Ha-sung (28, San Diego Padres), who is about to acquire free agent (FA) rights, is increasing day by day. The renewal of the highest contract for a Korean player, which was set by Choo Shin-soo (SSG Landers), is also coming true.

Dennis Lin of The Athletic of the U.S. reported on the current situation of Kim Ha-sung, who was caught up in trade rumors, through a question-and-answer session with readers on the 10th (Korea time). Reporter Lin said, “Kim Ha-sung drew the most attention this offseason among the trade candidates of the club. There are nine months left until the FA, and San Diego is unlikely to raise money for an extension contract with him. When prospect Jackson Merrill is ready, he will replace Kim Ha-sung somewhere in the infield at a low price.”헤라카지노도메인

Analysts say that his popularity is beyond imagination. “We will trade players who can be used (cheaply) like Juan Soto (New York Yankees) trade,” Lynn said. “Kim Ha-sung received more attention from teams than in the Soto trade thanks to his Gold Glove defense and low salary.”

If Kim Ha-sung leaves San Diego, Korean fans will have an embarrassing problem. He will not be able to see him in the opening series between San Diego and the Los Angeles Dodgers at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on March 20. However, that does not seem to happen.

Reporter Lin said, “San Diego has discussed a trade with Kim Ha-sung in recent weeks. Naturally, however, San Diego demanded a high price,” adding, “It is possible for Kim Ha-sung to be traded before March 20, when the Gocheok series will be held, but it is unlikely to happen. San Diego wants to be sexually competitive in 2024, and Kim Ha-sung can provide major value with an annual salary of $8 million. It cannot be overlooked that he was at the level of Soto, Blake Snell, and Josh Hader, who were the most productive in the team.” It was also pointed out that Kim Ha-sung could replace Manny Machado as he could not see the third base defense due to an injury early in the season.

They were also optimistic about Kim’s future ransom. Media outlets suggested Dansby Swanson (Chicago Cubs) and Trevor Story (Boston Red Sox). Swanson signed a contract for seven years and 177 million dollars before last season, and Story signed a contract for six years and 140 million dollars before the 2022 season.

“Both of them were much better than Kim Ha-sung, and Schilling (highest expectation) was higher in attack,” Lynn said. “Hijman will compare him. Unlike Story, Kim Ha-sung has no health concerns,” adding that Willy Adames of the Milwaukee Brewers is the only player who can compete with Kim in the FA market.”

The expected amount of contract exceeded the highest amount of Korean players signed by Choo Shin-soo in 2013 (US$130 million). Media outlets reported that “Kim Ha-sung’s annual salary is 8 million dollars this year. If San Diego achieves an unexpected extension contract before the season and signs Kim Ha-sung from 130 million dollars to 150 million dollars for seven years including this year, it will be a success.”

He also added that an annual salary of 20 million dollars is cheap. The media said, “Lee Jung-hoo, who is close to Kim Ha-sung, signed a six-year, $113 million contract with the San Francisco Giants. It also cost an additional 18.825 million dollars in posting costs. Lee Jung-hoo is three years younger than Kim Ha-sung, but he has never played in the Major League as a center fielder. He said, “I think he will fall short of Kim Ha-sung in defense and base.” “If he struggles in batting in the 2024 season, his value will decline, but his floor (minimum expectation of performance) is relatively high because he will contribute to his versatility and other aspects in the infield.”

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