Volkovec, ‘Minor League’s First Female Manager’, Starts New as Miami Executive

Rachel Volkovec (36), who made headlines as the first female manager in the U.S. professional baseball minor league, will start anew as a team executive.헤라카지노주소

ESPN reported on the 10th that Volkovec was recruited as a minor league player development executive under the Miami Marlins.

Volkovek, a former softball player, began her field experience in 2012 as the first women’s conditioning coach for a minor league team under the st. Louis Cardinals.

Volkovec, who has been a minor league coach under the Houston Astros since 2016, moved to the New York Yankees minor league team in 2019 and served as a batting coach.

Volkovac took the helm in January 2022. He had 122 wins and 136 losses in two seasons with the Tampa Tarpons, the New York Yankees’ single-A team.

Meanwhile, Miami, joined by Volkovec, was the team that appointed Kim Ng, the first female executive in the Major League.

He led Miami from the 2021 season to the last season, recording 220 wins and 266 losses. Notably, he advanced his team to the postseason last season. However, he left the team after this season without renewing his contract with the team.

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