Super nervous about participating in Munich, Tottenham eventually sent ‘offer’… Up to 43.2 billion won in recruitment of Dragousin

Tottenham is said to have made an official offer to recruit center back Radu Dragusin (Jenoah). The transfer fee is up to 30 million euros. As Bayern Munich is belatedly seeking to recruit Dragusin after Napoli, it seems that it is paying keen attention to whether to recruit Dragusin.마카오카지노주소

Reporter Gianluca DiMargio, a transfer market expert, said on the 9th (Korea time), “It was confirmed that Tottenham sent an official proposal to the Genoa club to recruit Dragusin. The transfer fee is 25 million euros (about 36 billion won) plus 5 million euros (about 7.2 billion won) in options,” adding, “Bayern Munich has not yet made an official proposal.”

Earlier, reporter Florian Flettenberg said, “Bayern Munich recently inquired about the situation with the Genoa club to recruit Dragusin. Bayern Munich’s plan is to recruit Dragusin with an offer of 25 million euros plus an option.” At the news that Bayern Munich participated in the bid to recruit Dragusin, Tottenham opened the door with an official offer first. Coincidentally, the scale is not different from that planned by Bayern Munich.

According to local reports, Tottenham’s proposed transfer fee of up to 30 million euros is not much different from Genoa’s request. Until now, Genoa had only wanted a transfer fee of 30 million euros through negotiations, while Tottenham’s offer fell short of that. In the end, however, Tottenham brought up an offer that met Genoa’s demands, even by adding an option to a fixed transfer fee of 25 million euros. Of course, it remains to be seen whether Genoa will accept Tottenham’s offer or want an optional transfer fee of 30 million euros.

The problem is that the number of clubs that want to recruit Dragusin, such as Bayern Munich and AC Milan, is increasing rapidly. In particular, Bayern Munich, where Tottenham’s Eric Dier was recently rumored to have been recruited, is in desperate need of a center back through this winter’s transfer market like Tottenham. With the news of Tottenham’s official offer, other clubs such as Bayern Munich and AC Milan are likely to make quick offers. Eventually, competition for Dragusin becomes inevitable. Of course, this could lead to an increase in transfer fees. There is a possibility that Tottenham’s offer will be rejected.

England’s Dubootroom also said, “Tottenham hopes to secure the recruitment of Dragusin, just as Timo Werner is completing smoothly, but everything is not going well, making Tottenham fans nervous,” adding, “Fans will be able to breathe a sigh of relief only after the recruitment is finalized.” This is because Tottenham, which has been highly likely to recruit Dragusin, seems to be losing to Bayern Munich, and AC Milan’s participation in the war has also complicated the situation. If he fails to recruit him, there will be a question mark on Chairman Daniel Levy once again.”

This season, Tottenham has Christian Romero and Mickey Pantherpen as the main center backs, but there is no third center back option to ease their burden. To make matters worse, Ben Davies and Emerson Royal and two fullbacks are working together at the center back as Panderpen and Romero have recently been out of the lineup due to injuries.

As a result, Tottenham made recruiting center back through the transfer market a top priority in January this year. Earlier, Jean-Claire Todibo (Nice) was considered the first candidate, but after negotiations broke down, the team turned to recruiting Dragusin. Players also preferred to move to Tottenham enough to reject Napoli’s offer to move, but the situation became complicated as AC Milan also sent a love call to Bayern Munich, a world-renowned club.

Meanwhile, Bayern Munich, where Kim Min-jae belongs, is also in desperate need of a center back. Not only is it the aftermath of Kim Min-jae’s bid to the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup, but also the two other center backs have been injured frequently throughout the first half of the year. It was in the same vein that controversy over Kim Min-jae’s abuse arose. As a result, Bayern Munich is keen to recruit a new center back through this winter’s transfer market. The player who was recently mentioned as a strong candidate was Dyer, who was considered virtually out of power at Tottenham.

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