“What does this mean?” Dodgers fans are “puzzled” by the possibility of failing to take the mound early in the Buehler season… “Yamamoto is unknown, and Glasnow can’t throw many innings.”

Even though the Los Angeles Dodgers poured more than 1 trillion won, they were worried.랭크카지노주소

This is because Walker Buehler’s pitching schedule has become unclear again after the inning.

Citing Juan Toribio’s recent newsletter from MLB.COM on the 7th (Korea time), Dodgers Way said, “Buehler left a hint that he will not be ready until the opening day of the 2024 season and may even not be ready throughout April.”

Buehler was expected to take the mound as a relief pitcher at the end of last season after the second Tommy John surgery, but it was canceled.

Therefore, the news that it may be difficult to take the mound early this season is shocking to Dodgers fans.

Three of the Dodgers’ rotation for this season has been virtually decided. They are Yoshinobu Yamamoto, Yoshinobu Tyler, and Bobby Miller.

Buehler was expected to be the third starting pitcher. However, as Buehler’s pitching has become uncertain, it has become unclear who will be the two starting pitchers.

The schedule for Dustin May and Tony Gonzalez’s return is much more ambiguous. Gonsolin’s chances of flying out this season are high, and May is also uncertain.

There are Blake Snell and Jordan Montgomery, but the Dodgers are not showing much interest in both players.

In fact, Yamamoto and Glasnow also have question marks. Dodgers Way pointed out that Yamamoto has no big league experience and Glasnow has no season where he pitched more than 120 innings.

Shohei Ohtani, who poured $700 million, can not throw until 2025, and Clayton Kershaw can take the mound in the second half of the season even if he renews his contract.

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