Bae Joon-ho, who also showed off his competitiveness against EPL teams, is “growing” with “Park Ji-sung” rather than “Lee Chung-yong.”

Supernova’s Bae Joon-ho (21, Stoke City) continues to grow in England.

Bae started in the third round (round 64) of the FA Cup in the 2023-2024 season against Brighton held at Bet365 Stadium in Stoke-on-Trent, England on Monday (Korea time). Bae displayed impressive performance against Brighton, which is showing off its presence by ranking seventh in the EPL. Brighton also deployed a number of its key players on the day. While playing for 90 minutes against Brighton, Bae recorded 89 percent success rate of his pass, 50 percent success rate of dribbling, two recovery times, one block, and 50 percent success rate of ground competition.마카오카지노주소

After a breakthrough in the 16th minute of the first half, Bae Joon-ho showed good performance throughout the game, inducing his opponent to score an own goal. He received a score of 7, the highest in his team, from the Stoke Sentinel. The media praised Bae Joon-ho, saying, “He showed great vision by showing lovely footwork and piercing one or two sharp passes without fear of challenge.” Soccer statistics media Sofa Score gave the team the highest rating of 6.9, while Potmob gave the team the second highest rating of 6.4 points. Unfortunately, the team lost 2-4.

Although he lost, it was a game that marked Bae Jun-ho’s growth. Bae Jun-ho is currently starting his 13th consecutive game. After receiving a European love call and leading role in the semi-finals at the U-20 World Cup last year, Bae Jun-ho wore a stoke uniform through the summer transfer market. Despite his young age, he has been showing significant performance in his first year of moving to Europe. Although he does not have a goal yet, he has been improving every season. In particular, although Alex Neil, who hired Bae Jun-ho in December last year, was replaced suddenly due to his poor performance, Bae is also being appointed under the new head coach Stephen Schumacher.

One thing to pay attention to is the change of style. Until now, Bae Jun-ho has played 10 types of plays. His position was not different from the center to the side, but he was spotlighted for his creative and technical play. For this reason, he was dubbed the “second Lee Chung-yong (Ulsan HD)” as well. Bae was recognized as a resource that would add technique to his rugged stoke, just like Lee did in Bolton before his injury.

Recently, however, he has been playing like Park Ji-sung from “Habberge.” He stands out not only in offense but also in defense. He is engaged in bold pressure and aggressive defense, and is even struggling to engage in physical fights during the process. He seems to have a good fit with his style. Unlike his soft body, strong play is popular in physical championships. Due to Stoke’s poor teamwork, many players often counterattack after defense, and Bae Jun-ho is doing a good job as a link in the process. In fact, No. 8, he is playing the role of box-to-box midfielder. He steals the ball and becomes a ring of counterattack, and he creates Stoke’s attack by carrying the ball himself depending on the situation. Of course, Bae Jun-ho’s unique techniques such as flashing de-pressurization are also powerful.

Stoke club is also expressing great satisfaction with Bae Jun-ho, who is growing steadily and emerging as the ace of the team. There were concerns that “a technical league would have been better than a rugged championship,” but Bae Jun-ho found the answer by himself by playing every game. Bae Jun-ho, who is walking the route of Park Ji-sung, not Lee Chung-yong, is growing silently.

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