“Lee Seung-yeop’s 2nd term.” Doosan joins the first team of legendary coaches who raised national hitters

Coach Park Heung-sik, who is considered one of the best batting experts in the history of the KBO League, will spend the 2024 season as a senior coach assisting Doosan Bears coach Lee Seung-yeop, “a favorite.”

Doosan confirmed Wednesday its appointment to its coaching staff for the first and second divisions of the 2024 season. After the end of last season, some coaches left their teams, while remaining coaches changed their positions.

Starting with Lee Seung-yeop, the first team consisted of senior coach Park Heung-sik, pitching coaches Cho Woong-cheon and Park Jeong-bae, hitting coaches Kim Han-soo and Lee Young-soo, defensive coach Cho Sung-hwan, operation Koji Goto (third base), running coach Jeong Jin-ho (first base), battery coach Seriza and Yuji, training coaches Chun Jong-min, Cho Kwang-hee and Yoo Jong-soo.

The biggest change is the head coach. Coach Kim Han-soo, who led the team as the head coach with new coach Lee Seung-yeop last year, will focus on coaching fielders as the main coach for batting in the first division.헤라카지노주소

Coach Park Heung-sik, who joined the team this season, will work with Lee Seung-yeop as the head coach. Park Heung-sik, the head coach of the team at Lotte Giants last year, helped the Bears make a leap forward at Doosan in 2024, while leading young prospects including Kim Min-seok and Yoon Dong-hee to grow.

Coach Park Heung-sik made his KBO League debut in 1985 with MBC Blue Dragon (currently LG Twins) after playing in the pro baseball league. He recorded a batting average of 0.256 (5,19 hits in 2024 at bat) in 660 games with 12 homers and 189 RBIs. In 1990, he became the first member to win the title of the LG Twins.

After retiring from active duty in 1993, he became a hitting coach for the Samsung Lions in 1996, and took his first steps as a leader. Lee Seung-yeop, a promising player who graduated from Gyeongbuk High School in 1995 and joined the team with the first nomination, helped him grow into the best home run hitter in KBO history.

Coach Park Heung-sik left Samsung in 2008 and moved to the KIA Tigers, and in 2011 he wore the Kiwoom Heroes uniform and served as the second-tier coach and first-tier batting coach until 2012.

Since then, he has continued his career as a professional leader with the Lotte Giants (2013-2014) and the KIA Tigers (2015-2020) without a gap in his career. He also enjoyed victory at the 2002 and 2005-2006 Samsung Lions and the 2017 KIA Tigers.

Head coach Park Heung-sik’s visit to Doosan Bears was strongly requested by Lee Seung-yeop. After the end of the 2023 season, Lee expressed his desire to join his teacher Park Heung-sik during the process of forming the coaching staff for the next season, and Park Heung-sik readily accepted the request.

After the contract with Doosan was announced, coach Park Heung-sik said, “We are trying to cooperate and communicate well with coach Lee Seung-yeop to help Doosan go in a good direction,” adding, “There are many players who are good at baseball because they know it so well. I will also work hard to find Doosan’s old reputation by making good chemistry with the coach and other coaching staff.”

During the closing camp in November last year, coach Lee Seung-yeop said, “I felt that my vision was a bit narrow as I started the 2023 season. I want to talk with the coaching staff more often and listen to others,” signaling a change.

Coach Park Heung-sik had not been confirmed his position even after his trip to Doosan was confirmed. While he said that it doesn’t matter where the first and second teams contribute to Doosan, he has a heavy duty to lead the Bears’ leap forward as a head coach in the first division.

Koji Goto, who served as the main hitting coach for Doosan`s main team last year, will take the lead as the running coach for third base operations this year. Chung Jin-ho, the coach for first base operations, plans to deliver the operation of Goto and the bench to players.

Doosan`s main pitching coach for the 2024 season will be Cho Woong-cheon, who helped SSG Landers win wire-to-wire in the 2022 season. Coach Park Jung-bae will serve as bullpen coach for two consecutive years since last year.

The Futures (second-tier) team will be led by Junghoon Lee coach Kwon Myung-chul, Kim Sang-jin and Kim Ji-yong, hitting coach Lee Do-hyung, defensive coach Kang Seok-cheon, operation and base coach Kim Dong-han, and battery coach Kim Jin-soo. Coach Cho In-sung, coach Boom Yum, and coach Cho Kyung-taek will be in charge of rehabilitation and residual forces, while training coaches Lee Kwang-woo and Lee Deok-hyun will help.

Under the leadership of manager Lee Seung-yeop, Doosan ranked fifth with 74 wins, 68 losses, two draws, and a winning rate of 0.514 in the 2023 regular season. By ranking ninth in the 2022 season, Doosan has come back to the postseason after shedding its pain of having no baseball for the first time in eight years since 2014.

However, the team failed to overcome the NC Dinos, which ranked fourth in the regular league, in the wild card game, and lost 9-14, ending the 2023 season in vain. Since then, the team has prepared for the 2024 season by conducting intensive finishing camp centered on 1.5-tier players at a secondary training site in Icheon, Gyeonggi Province.

Doosan has been enjoying a fruitful stove league so far. By catching Yang Seok-hwan as an internal FA, Doosan kept its starting first baseman. Successfully renewed contracts with Raul Alcantara and Brandon Wadell, one-two punch, laying the foundation for starting pitchers in the 2024 season.

A foreign hitter brought in Henry Ramos, who played for the KT Wiz in the 2022 season. As he has experience in the KBO league and was released due to injury, not skill, he expects to play his part in the central lineup along with Yang Eui-ji, Kim Jae-hwan and Yang Seok-hwan.

Meanwhile, Doosan’s team will hold a foundation ceremony at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul on the 15th after both individual training and rest until the middle of this month and begin preparing for the 2024 season.

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