“118.5 billion” Japan’s Juan Soto… Money-saving Boston, Yoshida, is setting up a trade candidate for the first time in a year

Reports have it that the Boston Red Sox may trade outfielder Masataka Yoshida. The Boston Red Sox had long been enthusiastic enough to send scouts to recruit Yoshida and invest 90 million U.S. dollars for five years, but they changed their mind in a year to change the direction of their team. Though not aggressive enough, things have definitely changed.헤라카지노주소

The Athletic, a U.S. sports media outlet, predicted on the 6th (Korea time) that Boston could trade Yoshida before recruiting FA outfielder Teoscar Hernandez to change the composition of the team.

Hernandez is one of the players receiving a lot of attention in the FA market with his right-handed big shot. It is notable that even Boston, which already has a sufficient number of outfielders, is eyeing Hernandez.

The Athletic reported that the Boston Red Sox traded Alex Verdugo of the New York Yankees and Tyler O’Neill of the former St. Louis Cardinals. O’Neill, Yoshida, Jaren Duran, Sedan Rafaela, Willier Abriu and Rob Refsniner were expected to play in the outfield, but a team official considers the team’s outfielders as the basis for their next choice in the Stove League. This means that the team can strengthen other positions by eliminating outfielders.

“According to an official familiar with the team’s internal news, Boston wants to reduce the total amount of the team’s salary before recruiting other FA. Several teams have explored the possibility of Yoshida’s trade, and Boston has yet to actively respond, but we can accept any opinion if we can further the team,” the media wrote.

In a trade with the Atlanta Braves, the Boston Red Sox acquired promising infielder Von Grissom and gave up veteran starting pitcher Chris Sale. The Athletic called the decision a creative one for Craig Breslow. With Breslow’s boldness, it is expected that a big player who was hired for five years and 90 million dollars just one year ago could also be traded.

The Boston Red Sox can recruit Hernandez to play in right field. If O’Neill is used in left field and Duran is used in center field, the starting lineup will be filled. Rafaela, Abreu and Refsnyder will compete for the fourth position in the outfield. The Athletic wrote, “It is important whether other teams will want Yoshida, who struggled in hitting in the latter half of her debut season.”

Yoshida has four years and 72 million U.S. dollars left on her contract including this season. Last year, she appeared in 140 games out of 162 games and recorded a batting average of 0.289 OPS, 0.783, 15 homers and 72 RBIs. She performed robustly with a batting average of 0.316 and an OPS of 0.874 in the first half, but slumped for a long time with a batting average of 0.254 and an OPS of 0.663 in the second half.

The Athletic said, “Boston may not be sure if Yoshida’s trade was the right decision. However, it is certain that they have chosen an outfielder as their target. They can recruit a starter by combining one of Yoshida, Duran, or Rafaela with other prospects. Rather than bringing in an FA starter, it is easier to catch an FA outfielder and bring in a starter in a trade.”

Former Major Leaguer Adam Jones, who played with Yoshida for the Orix Buffaloes before retirement, praised her saying, “Yoshida is Juan Soto of Japan.” “I knew from the very first day why Yoshida was the best player in the Orix Buffaloes. I think he is Soto of Japan. He is a player who can send any kind of ball to any baseball field. He plays well and picks out the ball well, just like Soto. He does not swing at balls outside the strike zone.” Yoshida displayed his strength well until the first half, but collapsed in the second half due to his physical strength. Regardless of the possibility of a trade, the Boston Red Sox is preparing customized schedules to enhance Yoshida’s endurance.

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