“There will be blue blood in my body.” Foreign pitcher who put the Korean national flag on his glove… I couldn’t forget the fans even at the moment we broke up

David Buchanan, a foreign pitcher who finally broke up with the Samsung Lions, left a farewell message to his fans on his social networking site. Usually, he leaves his heart in writing, but Buchanan was different from him. He filmed and uploaded the video himself. He left his heart with his expression and voice, which he would not include in writing.헤라카지노주소

Samsung officially announced on Wednesday that it signed a contract with a new foreign pitcher, Reyes, along with the fact that negotiations for renewal of contract with Buchanan have finally collapsed. Reyes signed a contract worth 800,000 U.S. dollars including 100,000 dollars in down payment, 500,000 dollars in annual salary, and 200,000 dollars in option. Samsung, which signed new pitcher Connor Seabold (total of 1 million dollars) and new batter David McKinnon (total of 1 million dollars), has completed the formation of foreign players. Samsung renewed its contracts with all three foreign players last year, but replaced all three players this year.

The failure to renew his contract with Buchanan is a shocking news to Samsung fans. Samsung tried its best to secure the contract in accordance with the regulations of the KBO League, but it was Buchanan’s choice to let go.

“A game between SSG and Samsung in the KBO League took place at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 11th, ‘Along with a glove inscribed with the national flag of the Korean national baseball.’ Buchanan roars after striking out an SSG Jihoon Choi with two outs in the bottom of the sixth inning. Incheon = Song Jeong-heon @sportschosun.com/2023.08.11/

Buchanan was a successful foreign pitcher in the KBO League. Buchanan, who came to the Samsung Lions in 2020, instantly rose to the rank of ace with 15 wins, 7 losses and an ERA of 3.45. In 2021, Buchanan had 16 wins and 5 losses and an ERA of 3.10, surpassing 15 wins for two consecutive years. In 2022, he had 11 wins and 8 losses and an ERA of 3.04, but last year he had 12 wins and 8 losses and an ERA of 2.54. Notably, he pitched 188 innings last year, the most innings in his four years in the KBO League. However, he gained more trust by posting the best ERA of 2.54.

He got along well with Samsung players and also served as mood maker in the dugout to boost the mood of the team. Fan service was superb. His performance at the All-Star Game last year was even recognized by fans. He loved Korea so much that he put Taegeukgi on his glove.

Buchanan, who was born in 1989 and turns 35 in the 2024 season, had no choice but to renew his contract. Buchanan was agonizing over receiving a Major League Baseball offer and asked Samsung to sign a multi-year contract.

Samsung accepted the multi-year contract but failed to reach an agreement on the amount. It had to match the total amount of 4 million dollars for the three foreign players.

Finally, Buchanan refused to accept Samsung’s final offer, and the team decided to buy Reyes. Buchanan pitched in 113 games and 699 ⅔s over the past four years, recording 54 wins and 28 losses with a 3.02 ERA. He struck out 539 and allowed 191 walks.

Of course, you can come back to Samsung. However, if you come back, you will receive a cap of $1 million.

Buchanan uploaded a video of his farewell on his social media account after his breakup with Samsung was officially announced. Buchanan said, “As you know, my family and I have decided not to return to Samsung this season,” adding, “We wanted to come back and even thought about retiring from Samsung. Unfortunately, however, it didn’t work out.”

Buchanan said, “It was never an easy decision. It was a really hard decision,” explaining why he made the video, “But I wanted to let you know how much you are precious to us.”

“From the first day to the last day of our family, the love you gave to our family was inexplicable,” Buchanan said. “My children grew up there. They grew up in that environment and culture. I can’t put it into words.”

“It wasn’t an easy decision and it still weighs heavily on my heart,” Buchanan said, stressing, “We wanted to let you know about the appreciation and love for the memories you’ve given us for four years.”

“Wish you all the best and you will always be in a special place in our hearts. We will never forget you,” said one Buchanan. “I hope we will see each other again someday.”

Finally, Buchanan expressed his affection for Samsung, saying, “There will always be blue blood in my body.”

The game between Samsung and KIA took place at Kia Champions Field in Gwangju on Tuesday. Samsung Buchanan, who won 4 to 1, won the game completely. Buchanan is hugging Kim Jae-sung. Gwangju = Reporter Jung Jae-geun cjg@sportschosun.com /2023.7.13/

The game between Samsung and KIA at Kia Champions Field in Gwangju on the 13th. Buchanan greets the center before pitching.

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