‘Korean Guy’ Hwang Hee-chan raises media about the possibility of sharing a meal with Mbappe in PL Liverpool

Le Parisien reported on the 4th (Korea time), “Liverpool and Real Madrid are seeking to recruit Mbappe, who is likely to leave PSG,” adding, “Mbappe can sign a free contract with the club he wants in the transfer market this winter.”마카오카지노주소

Mbappe’s transfer to Real Madrid has been steadily drawing attention.

“Mbappe may choose Liverpool over Real Madrid,” Sky Sports said on Sunday. Mbappe can now negotiate free agency with a club other than the French Ligue 1. “Liverpool is the most threatening club for Real Madrid to recruit Mbappe.”

Liverpool Echo said, “Liverpool has a rumor of recruiting Mbappe. Meeting Mbappe’s request is likely to be a problem. If Liverpool has a chance to recruit Mbappe, it will be possible only when Salah moves to a Saudi Arabian club.”

Mbappe’s contract with PSG expires at the end of this season. However, the contract between Mbappe and PSG includes a one-year extension option. Mbappe declared in June that he would not use the option, and conflicted with PSG.

PSG threatened to immediately transfer Mbappe to Saudi Arabia, while Al Hilal (Saudi Arabia) offered the highest ever transfer fee of 259 million pounds (430.4 billion won). However, Mbappe refused to negotiate with Al Hilal itself. Ultimately, Mbappe and PSG decided to close the dispute and spend the rest of this season.

Mbappe stressed that he will focus on adding more trophies this season. “I am very motivated this season. It is very important. We have already won, but we have a championship to win,” said Mbappe, who lifted the Trope de Champaign trophy on Sunday.

However, his chance of staying at PSG is getting slimmer. Mbappe has long been rumored to be moving to Real Madrid, and since he will become a free agent in six months, he can freely hold transfer negotiations with teams other than PSG starting this month.

PSG beat Toulouse 2-0 at the 2023 Trope de Champion (France Super Cup) in Paris on Sunday when Lee Kang-in scored the first goal and Kylian Mbappe scored the second goal. PSG has grabbed its 12th career trophy.

The French Super Cup is a competition in which the winner of the French Ligue 1 team and the winner of the Coupe de France (France Cup) compete in the same season. Lee Kang-in lifted the trophy for the first time since joining PSG.

Mbappe’s second goal showed without regret why he was the world’s best striker. After catching the ball, Mbappe instantly beat three defenders and hit a powerful right-footed shot. The goalkeeper was already in the net while he couldn’t even respond. It was a goal created by Mbappe’s super talent.

However, it was not Mbappe’s super play that drew attention right after the match, but his future course of action. Mbappe, who was constantly rumored to move to Real Madrid, will end his existing contract with PSG at the end of this year.

PSG desperately wants to renew its contract, but Mbappe is hoping to move because of the Ballon d’Or and the European stage win. Mbappe was most likely to move in the transfer market last summer, but faced fierce resistance from PSG.

In fact, Mbappe did not participate in the Asian tour, which will take place after Lee Kang-in’s transfer. Eventually, he agreed to give up his royalty bonus of over 100 million euros if he leaves without paying any price.

Mbappe’s contract with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), his seventh season, expires in June this year. As a result, he can freely pursue negotiations with other clubs from January 1 under the Boseman rule. This is an opportunity to get a pre-contract and go to another club as soon as the end of the season.

Most of the local media expect Mbappe to go to Real Madrid, which he dreamed of. Rumors of Mbappe’s trip to Real Madrid, which have not been interrupted every time the transfer market is opened, have almost reached the end.

However, there are variables. Mbappe has repeatedly opted to stay at PSG instead of going to Real Madrid. He embarrassed Real Madrid by saying that he was happy in Paris even when he had only his autograph left after finishing his personal agreement.

Real Madrid is seeking to recruit Mbappe again this time. However, Real Madrid pressed Mbappe to make a decision by mid-month. The deadline varies depending on media, including Jan. 4 and next week, but it effectively issued an ultimatum.

While Mbappe’s future is drawing attention, Hwang Hee-chan’s recruitment of Liverpool is also drawing attention.

Football Insider reported on the 1st, “Liverpool and Tottenham are watching Hwang Hee-chan. Liverpool and Tottenham are considering recruiting Hwang Hee-chan in the summer transfer market,” adding, “Hwang Hee-chan can play not only in the left and right sides but also in the center, and he is especially impressive when he plays the role of center forward. Hwang Hee-chan is playing as a representative player for Wolverhampton, playing outstandingly with direct, fast and powerful plays.”

Hwang Hee-chan has scored 10 goals in the Premier League this season, becoming the second Korean player to break the 10-goal mark in a season after Son Heung-min. Hwang Hee-chan extended his contract with Wolverhampton until 2028 last month, but rumors of a transfer continue.

Liverpool has been drawing attention to the rumor of recruiting strikers since the winter transfer market began. A number of local British media are consistently mentioning the possibility that Liverpool will recruit Mbappe and Hwang Hee-chan.

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