Ko Myung-seok will bring Kyohay Yoshino in the Asian quarter… Daegu will reinforce the ‘back door’ that left Hong Jeong-woon

Daegu has a solid defense centered on the three-back. Last season, Cho Jin-woo, Hong Jung-woon, Kim Jin-hyuk, and Kim Kang-san were composed of three-back players and endured the season. However, Cho Jin-woo left the team to serve in the military, and Hong Jung-woon, who has become a free agent, is likely to move to Daejeon Hana Citizen. In other words, he lost two defenders at once.

That’s why he started recruiting defenders. However, there were not many central defender resources in the league as a whole. First of all, he succeeded in bringing in defender Ko Myung-seok, who was on the verge of signing a contract, with the attention of Gwangju FC. In fact, only the last procedure is left. Ko Myung-seok does not have excellent foot skills, but he complies with the right to provide using his height of 189 centimeters.랭크카지노도메인

Ko is expected to become one of the pillars of Daegu’s defense, which has been called “Palgongsanseong” since the past. The key is how much he matches with existing resources. As Daegu pursues a form of counterattack after defending its players, the role of new face Ko is expected to be important.

On top of that, Daegu plans to bring Japanese nationality Kyohaei to the Asian quarter. Kyohaei is a resource that can play both defensive midfielder and center defender. He is currently playing in both positions in Yokohama (Japan). His contract with Keita, who played in the Asian quarter until last season, expired.

Kyohei is likely to go back and forth between defensive midfielders and central defenders in Daegu. Midfielder Lee Jin-yong joined the team in Daegu. The midfield is expected to be set up with playing coach Lee Yong-rae, Park Se-jin and Beltola born in 2004. Side defender Hwang Jae-won can also play as a midfielder. Ryuhei is a “box to box” type, and his combative defense and active activities are considered his strengths. If Ryohei adds strength from the back, Cesinha can be given more offensive duties. If defenders are injured or absent, it can fill the gap of the three-back. That’s how valuable it is to use.

In particular, Ryohei once played against Daegu in the 2019 Asian Champions League (ACL) as a member of Sanfrecce Hiroshima (Japan). He was grouped in a group, but missed the first match and started the second match as a central defender.

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