Neuer ranks second in ‘Lanister’ goalkeeper despite playing only half due to injury… Dortmund’s Kovel is the best

In the 2023-2024 German Bundesliga, Manuel Neuer ranked second in the goalkeeper’s rankings in the first half of the German Bundesliga. Neuer, Kim Min-jae’s Bayern Munich teammate, was highly rated and showed how trusted he is in Germany even though he only played half of the first half due to injury.

Kicker, a German soccer magazine, started to announce the rankings of players for the first half of the 2023-2024 season sequentially. This media is famous for dividing the league into two halves and releasing player evaluations in the first and second half, respectively. The method is to line up top-ranked players for each position from the top. Among the player evaluations, the German media has been recognized as the most prestigious. Players’ ratings are classified into three categories: world class, internationale klasse, and internationale klasse. The criteria for selecting players are so strict that a player without a single world class is more common. In the first half of this season, five players including Harry Kane were recognized as world class, and the evaluation was better than other seasons.마카오토토도메인

The first goalkeeper to be announced among the positions did not have a world class. Borussia Dortmund’s Gregor Covel, Neuer and Hoffenheim’s Oliver Baumann were listed at the international level.

Neuer’s high ranking stands out. Neuer has not recovered properly this season, either. He played seven out of 15 games in the first half of the season. He also played in just half of the cup, including three UCL matches and one DFB Pokal match. Kicker believes that even a small amount of playing time was not enough to rank second overall for the goalkeeper, who is competing for the best in German history.

The media reported on Neuer, “I have regained my past performance. As Neuer’s presence, experience, and style of play have been influenced, Bayern’s defense figures have changed significantly. It was just that his performance was not good enough to be classified as a world class.”

Covell, who was ranked first overall, was the guardian deity of Dortmund, which ranked fifth due to internal and external conditions in the first half of the year. Covell was also ranked first among goalkeepers in the second half of last season and was evaluated as an international player. Covell received the highest evaluation in the Bundesliga when top star Neuer was out due to injury and Jan Zomer (currently Inter Milan), who had a big hand in the Bundesliga, left. The lower the score, the higher the Bundesliga average of 2.56 points in terms of good media ratings.

The fourth place is Alexander Nouvell, the current teammate of Jung Woo-young who was loaned to Stuttgart from Bayern. The ranking makes us think twice about Bayern’s management, which recruited Nouvell four years ago but is in the process of releasing him without making the most of it, and at the same time realize Stuttgart’s sensation. In addition, Sven Ulaich, the candidate goalkeeper for Bayern’s early days of the season, ranked ninth among the best players in the league. Only two players have been selected from one team.

Along with Nouvell, the league’s top-level players were Bayer 04 Peberkusen’s Lucas Hradecki, RB Leipzig’s Janice Blaswig, Eintracht Frankfurt’s Kevin Trab and Bochum’s Manuel Lehmann.

Robin Chenner of Mainz, who is struggling in the relegation zone along with Lee Jae-sung, did not make the top 12. Regarding the reason for missing Chenner, “Kicker” said, “It is true that the defense did not help, but there were scenes where we could have done better anyway.”

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