If you’re not greedy, you’re a fool.” KT’s closing vacancy → Young-gun Park Young-hyun’s determination to take a chance

The team has few gaps in its power ahead of the 2024 season. Some say that the team has become more solid, but it has homework to solve. Off-season closer Kim Jae-yoon (34) has to fill the vacancy as he leaves for Samsung as a free agent.헤라카지노주소

Some candidates are considered as “Pitching Kingdom” KT. Among them, the most likely candidate for “Post Kim Jae-yoon” is Young-gun Park Young-hyun (21) in his third year. He did not hide his desire to become the starting pitcher.

In a recent phone call with Sports Seoul, Park Young-hyun said, “Finish? If you don’t want to, you’ll be stupid. If you don’t want to, you’ll be the one to be greedy the most,” adding, “That’s why I’m preparing well right now. When the opportunity comes, I want to catch it.” “I’m preparing step by step with the same routine as last year,” he added.

The resource has already been proven. Park had three wins, three losses and four saves and a holding average of 2.75 earned runs in 68 games last season. Park Young-hyun, who ranked first in the hold category, became the youngest hold king in the league. She contributed to the gold medal by playing hard at the Hangzhou Asian Games where she joined the national team. Thanks to her best performances, she also had a busy time at year-end award ceremonies.

“I think I had a perfect last season. It would have been more perfect if I had won the championship,” he said. “I think it was a good thing that we finished without any injuries. We also won the hold king.” “I had a good rest because I thought you had a hard time last year. I ate well and slept well to replenish my stamina.”

“Honestly, I’m disappointed that I didn’t win the (Korean Series) championship. I still feel I’m not good enough,” Park Young-hyun said. “This season is the most important for me as well. I think it will be a significant season because there are empty seats left for the closing game and it’s a new start.”

Taking a break, KT is continuing its individual training sessions. The team is preparing for the spring camp. KT will train in the injured field from Feb. 1 to Feb. 22, and then move to Okinawa, Japan, on Feb. 23 for actual training sessions through March 6.

“I’m focusing on individual training and building up my body. Technical training such as catch will begin soon. I think we can prepare well when the camp starts,” Park said. “I plan to talk to my coaches during the camp to correct any mistakes and make up for them. I will make sure to prepare for the season.”

KT manager Lee Kang-chul cites Park Young-hyun’s strong pitching and natural mental strength. “I’m grateful that the coach always liked me. Actually, I didn’t pay attention to my mental state. It’s a habit that comes out without realizing it,” he said. “I will prepare well and become a pitcher who can prevent any situation well.”

Asked about his personal goals, he said, “I haven’t set any specific goals yet. I like to do it step by step, so I’m going to think about it slowly. I’m also thinking about how I can endure a long season,” adding, “It was a little disappointing last year, but I will prepare well this year so that I can get better results.”

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