Hanwha Noh Si-hwan and Moon Dong-ju “Passionate Hanwha fan, I want to feel hotter on a bigger stage.”

The Hanwha Eagles had two glimmers of hope last year. In its fifth year, Noh Si-hwan (23), the third baseman of the team, won two home runs and RBIs with a batting average of 0.298, 31 home runs and 101 RBIs. In his second year, right-handed pitcher Moon Dong-ju (20) also won the Rookie of the Year award with eight wins, eight losses and an earned run average of 3.72.헤라카지노

Hanwha has bigger dreams as it enters the new year. The 2023 season champion LG Twins gave me inspiration. There was a time when LG stayed at the bottom of the league (2003-2012), just like Hanwha, but after a long wait, it won the title last year for the first time in 29 years.

Noh Si-hwan and Moon Dong-ju also dream of becoming just like LG in 飛 “I was envious of LG’s victory,” said Noh, who met with the newspaper. “I also recently met with Moon Bo-kyung of LG, and I heard that the Korean Series was more nerve-racking than the Asian Games finals,” he said. “Over the past 29 years, LG must have played hard for both its teams and seniors in hopes of winning the championship. I would like to applaud them for their efforts.”

“I don’t think Hanwha is far away either. I won’t just be jealous. Last year was a year that enabled us to have a desire to win,” Noh said. “All players aim for fall baseball and train. I want to make sure that my team can go as high as possible,” he said. “Watching the KS, I thought, ‘We can do it’ and ‘We have to do it.'”

Noh Si-hwan and Moon Dong-ju attended various award ceremonies together after the end of last season. Prior to that, Noh played as the fourth batter and starting pitcher of the Korean national team, and participated in the 2022 Hangzhou AG and 2023 Asian Professional Baseball Championship (APBC). It was the first year that Noh spent a long time with Moon, who played full-time in the first division for the first time. “I spent a lot of time with Si-hwan. He always moved like a set,” Moon said.

What are the two like to each other? “He may look like a bright kid, but he’s unexpectedly a bit of a four-dimensional kid,” Noh said. “He has his own stubbornness and determination. He’s an old guy who knows how to respect others.”

“When I was a rookie, I had a lot of thoughts that I wanted to be like Si-hwan,” Moon said. “He is such a reliable big brother on the field. Whether it is defense or offense, he always does that. Even when he leaves the field, he throws a joke at me towards the mound. He is a fielder who helps me throw balls comfortably on the mound.”

“Dongju should lead the national team for more than 20 years as the ace of the national team,” Noh said. “I am grateful to have such a teammate in Hanwha. I would have felt lonely if I wore the national flag alone. I am proud of him and cool because he is a reliable teammate even though he is young.”

South Korean players including Moon Dong-ju, who won the gold medal with a 2-0 victory in the match between Taiwan and South Korea at the final of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games at the Saoxing Baseball and Softball Sports Center near Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China, take selfies on the mound after the ceremony. Photo = Yonhap News

As much as it is Hanwha’s hope, fans’ affection for the two is also hot. Hanwha fans wearing uniforms with the names of the two players appeared in Hangzhou and Tokyo. The product to commemorate the rookie of the year award released by Hanwha earned 200 million won on the first day and 500 million won in final sales. A product to commemorate Noh Si-hwan’s two-time winner was also announced to be released.

Moon Dong-ju said, “Thank you for your support last year. Wherever I went, they cheered us with our uniforms. I think we have to do better.”

Noh Si-hwan said to his readers and fans, “Happy New Year and I ask for your love and support in the professional baseball league this year as well. I hope this year will be a year where you can stay healthy.” “This year is the year of Gapjin and I am just the year of the dragon. I will show you a play that makes your fans happy like a dragon ascending to the sky,” he said. “I had a precious experience of running in the Tokyo Dome with 40,000 spectators. I want to feel the Hanwha fans’ passionate support more intensely on a bigger stage like KS.”

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