Dodgers, Atlanta Stretch… Where’s ‘Gold Price’ Seeds? ‘Still Popular’

Will Dylan Seese (28, Chicago White Sox), the best-selling player in the trade who calls “golden prices,” find a new team.

Major League Baseball (MLB) columnist John Morossi appeared on the MLB Network broadcast run by the MLB Secretariat on the 3rd (Korea time), saying, “I’m the best pitcher in the trade market right now.”월카지노

Seas, who played for five seasons in the MLB, is a fastball pitcher with a total of 43 wins and 35 losses and an ERA of 3.83 in 123 games. He suffers from chronic ball control instability, but he is so powerful that he wants to endure it. It blossomed in 2022. He ranked second in voting for the American League Cy Young Award with 14 wins and eight losses and an ERA of 2.20 in 184 innings in 32 games. Last year, however, he only garnered 7-9 losses and an ERA of 4.58 in 177 innings in 33 games.

Even if he had a sluggish season, he still has a good reputation. Morrissey said that Seize’s strikeout rate is still high (10.9 innings in 2023), and that his durability by throwing 165 or more innings for the third consecutive year is also an advantage. The fact that he can use it at a low price for two consecutive years through this year and next year also increases his value

The question is who pays the high price. Initially, the LA Dodgers and the Atlanta Braves were considered the most likely buyers. Notably, the Dodgers showed interest in the Seas trade even at the deadline last summer, as it constantly talked with the White Sox over the Seas trade.

Atlanta also dreamed of reinforcing the starting lineup to Seize, who is from his hometown. The two teams are also the second and first overall favorites in the MLB power ranking announced on the 2nd.

In the end, however, the trade with the two teams did not go through. It may have been because the price was too high. “The White Sox asked for Let Ruther, Edwin Arroyo, Chase Petty, Connor Phillips and more than one additional prospect in exchange for a Seas trade with Cincinnati,” MLB Trade Rumors quoted podcast 670 The Score as saying.

Lauder said, “They are big prospects who ranked 41st overall (second in the team), Arroyo 57th (third in the team), and Phillips 68th (fourth). Petty also ranked sixth in the team. This means that Korea should present all potential promising players

It is highly likely that Dodgers and Atlanta also received similar demands. Consequently, the two teams changed course. Immediately after recruiting Shohei Ohtani, the Dodgers agreed to trade Tyler Glasnow with the Tampa Bay Rays. Unlike Seas, Glasnow is a free-body player who has never played in a regular inning, but is more powerful than Seas. After trading for Seas, the Dodgers signed a five-year, $135 million contract extension. Atlanta replaced Boston Red Sox ace Chris Sale. Sale also has significant health concerns, but he is a pitcher whose skills have been proven beyond Seas. The two teams have minimized their spending by trading for Ryan Pepio and Bon Grissom, respectively.

Even if the two teams withdrew, Seas’ popularity still seems to remain. The new promising buyers selected by Morrissey are the Baltimore Orioles and the Seattle Mariners. Both teams compete for the first and second place in the MLB overall in terms of quality and quantity of young players. They can afford to buy Seas at a high price.

Baltimore, which won 101 games last season and ranked first in the American League overall winning percentage (2nd overall in MLB), including the American League East, is in urgent need of an ace. With Kyle Gibson and Jack Flaherty out as free agents, they need to fill their weaknesses that collapsed without an ace in the postseason.

Seattle has a different direction. Though it has enough starting pitchers, it can use existing pitchers to recruit hitters after recruiting Seas. Morosi also predicted that after recruiting Seas, Seattle will recruit key hitters such as Bryce Miller and Brian Woo.

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