Lee Keun-ho, president of the Korea Professional Footballers Association, said, “We will create a future to protect players’ rights.”

Lee Keun-ho, co-chairman of the Korea Professional Footballers Association (hereinafter referred to as the Players Association), delivered a New Year’s message, saying, “We will try to create a future that protects the rights of players.”랭크카지노

“Last year, the association made a lot of achievements, including raising the minimum salary and allocating portrait rights,” Chairman Lee Keun-ho said in a press release of the association on Tuesday. “We will make efforts to help the association take a leap forward in 2024. We will do our best to protect the happiness of athletes by accompanying them. We will make every effort to protect the rights of athletes.”

He added, “I hope all soccer fan families will be full of health and luck in 2024, and the Korea Football Association will try to do activities that meet the level of fans.

Co-chairman Ji So-yeon also said, “Last year, there was a lot of consensus among female players through women’s soccer club captain meetings, meetings, and youth soccer clinics,” and vowed, “As it is the year of the Blue Dragon in 2024, we will make sure that women’s soccer can fly to the fullest.”

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