KBO League ‘Sweeping’ Bombing → MLB Return, Advance Eric Peddy

The 2023 KBO League has been longer than ever. Starting with the WBC and the Asian Baseball Championship, baseball has been full of issues for almost a year.헤라카지노

In response, baseball fans enthusiastically responded to the players by entering the stadium. Baseball fans who constantly supported, regardless of their poor performances or performance on the international stage, continued to see explosive ratings of JTBC’s strongest baseball Monster, proving that Korea and baseball are inextricably linked. As a result, it has become undeniable that youth baseball players and Little Baseball players have steadily increased their skills.

Korea, which has been forced to live in baseball all year and die in baseball. In it, I would like to identify the top 10 KBO league issues selected by MHN Sports.

The KBO league this season can be called the Eric Peddy League. It is Eric Peddy who literally bombed the league, starting with the title of a major pitcher and the Golden Glove.

Peddy pitched 180 ⅓ innings in 30 games this season, posting 20-6 losses, 209 strikeouts and 2.00 ERA. In particular, Peddy, who ranked first in ERA, multiple wins and strikeouts, made a great achievement as a pitcher triple crown.

This is a milestone that only Sun Dong-yeol (1986, 1989, 1990 and 1991), Ryu Hyun-jin (2006), and Yoon Seok-min (2011) achieved. In addition, Fedi became the first foreign pitcher to win a triple crown. Then, his 20 wins and 200 strikeouts came 37 years after Sun Dong-yeol in 1986. The ERA in the one-run range was also the first in 13 years since Ryu in 2010.

Peddy swept all the awards he could receive as a pitcher this season. Starting with the Choi Dong-won Award, which is given to the best KBO League pitcher, he won the KBO’s first pitching defense award, earned run average and victory, the strikeout title holder trophy, the MVP, and even the Golden Glove Award.

Since then, Pedi has been on a roll. On the 6th, he agreed to a two-year, 15 million-dollar contract with the Chicago White Sox, which will return to the Major League. Details of the contract are not revealed, but it is a large-scale contract with an annual average of 7.5 million dollars (about 9.8 billion won) and a total of 15 million dollars (about 19.7 billion won).

Earlier in the 2022 season, Pedi was paid 2.15 million dollars (about 2.8 billion won) by the Washington Nationals. After winning the KBO League, his annual salary has doubled.

Pedi’s return to the Major League has created another KBO reverse export myth. In particular, Pedi made the largest contract among players who returned to the Major League after going through the KBO League. Earlier, Merrill Kelly signed a two-year contract worth $5.5 million, Josh Lindblom three years worth $9.125 million, and Flexen two years worth $4.75 million.

“It was an incredible season. I don’t think there will be a greater season in baseball than this year,” Peddy said.

“It was a great honor to serve as a pillar of the KBO league this season. I know that the record of 20 wins and 200 strikeouts has been 37 years,” he said. “I think I was lucky. I’m grateful to be able to stand on par with the best players that I remember in the league.”

He also stressed, “I want to give this honor to the city of Changwon for the last time. Changwon will remain my second home.”

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