Performance over age” vs “honor over money” Lim Chang-min’s prerequisite for recruitment, parallel lines between Oh Seung-hwan and Samsung, and no choice for the club or player

We are inseparable. There is solidarity and symbolism that cannot be explained simply by contractual relationships.

So on the one hand, they are also in an infinitely difficult relationship.

An inevitable connection like a family that can never be separated. Whenever you turn around, you can’t become someone else.

Inseparable relationships involve restraint. Inevitably, conflicts are inherent. It is easy to think of various forms of family discord.

This is because restraint, which is hard to escape, can sometimes develop into frustration and sometimes mild hatred.

Feud, the etymology of the English word feudal, which means feudalism, has the meaning of ‘fire and antagonism’. In particular, when expressing discord between close people such as family, it is expressed in a compound word such as family feud.

The Eastern concept of feudalism was based on blood ties. Conflicts often arise in the process of the goods called feudal territories.

It is easy to see the inheritance process of a rich family. Family has expectations and beliefs, so if there is a conflict over money, it is more disappointing. In other words, there is a possibility of antagonism.헤라카지노

Negotiations between FA Oh Seung-hwan and his original team Samsung are difficult.

Period is not the problem. There is no big disagreement on a two-year contract. The problem is money.

Oh, who was dismissed from his annual salary a year ago, signed a contract worth up to 1.7 billion won (1.4 billion won in guarantees + 300 million won in incentives) this season. The amount was reduced by 200 million won from 1.6 billion won (1.2 million dollars) in guaranteed annual salary in 2022.

If the guaranteed annual salary is preserved in 2023, it is 2.8 billion won for two years, and 3.4 billion won including incentives.

If a player goes down below this level, it will inevitably be seen as a salary cut from the player’s point of view. Money is all about self-esteem.

This is why he complains, “I want you to evaluate me based on my grades rather than my age.”

Oh played 62 ⅔ in 58 games (one game as a starter) and recorded four wins, five losses, 30 saves, two holds and an ERA of 3.45. With an on-base percentage (WHIP) of 1.15 per inning, a hit rate of 0.238, and a winning contribution (WAR) compared to a substitute player of 1.81.

He suffered ups and downs in the first half, but succeeded in rebounding in the second half, leaving the best performance among Samsung bullpen pitchers.

The problem is salary cap. The situation Samsung faces is not easy.

After Lee Jong-yeol, a former player, took office, he actively moved throughout the winter to strengthen his power.

He spent a lot of money to reinforce his power, including the bullpen, by recruiting FA Kim Jae-yoon for up to 5.8 billion won for four years. The salary cap, which was already lacking much room, is shiny. Negotiations with foreign ace David Buchanan, who wants a long-term contract, are also difficult.

As a result, the club is persuading Oh Seung-hwan by putting “honor over money.”

The player and the club have their own positions, so they are not able to narrow their differences. There may be feelings of regret for each other in proportion to the difference in position. It could be simply a feed.

Even so, they are not easily separated.

Even though he is a Class C FA, Oh cannot leave his identity and symbol of the Samsung Lions. Oh is also a legendary figure who made a great history with the best finish in Korean baseball history. Like it or not, he is bound by invisible strings.

Samsung Oh Seung-hwan. Sports Chosun DB
I don’t think time can be a medicine. Even in difficulty, you have to constantly try to find Solomon’s wisdom. You have to open your mind and sit face to face.

They told us to stop fighting and stick to bargaining. The reason why we have to work together, even if we are sad, is that the fans are waiting anxiously.

Only when Oh Seung-hwan’s contract is completed, follow-up work such as recruiting Lim Chang-min can be accelerated.

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