SD, money tied up and power upgrade to trade

After serving as deputy general manager under former Texas Rangers GM John Daniels, he was promoted to general manager of the Padres in August 2014. In 2024, he will mark the 10th anniversary of his tenure with the Padres.월카지노

Preller, who exercised full control over the Padres’ team management, has failed in his report card for the past nine years. He entered the fall baseball league in 2020 as the number of postseason teams increased due to the coronavirus pandemic, and went to the playoffs for the second time in 2022. He finished a successful season, beating the New York Mets 2-1 in the wild card series and the Los Angeles Dodgers 3-1 in the division series to reach the championship.

He then poured in 400 million U.S. dollars into an extension contract that was adjusted for 12 years, 280 million dollars for 12 years with shortstop Xander Bogaerts, 46 million dollars for five years with bullpen pitcher Robert Suarez, and 350 million dollars for 11 years with third baseman Manny Machado. However, his performance against investment declined, and he has no money to spend this year due to financial difficulties due to the bankruptcy of a dedicated broadcasting company. In terms of company management, it is a bankruptcy.

After the 2023 season, SDF first spent money on a five-year, 28 million-dollar contract with Yuki Matsui, the Japanese closer. Matsui’s annual salary is 5.6 million dollars. Whether he will take the post of closing pitcher or set-up man will be determined only after going through spring training. Before recruiting Matsui, the finalist was Robert Suarez. Ball is faster than Matsui.

It is a very cheap price for a bullpen pitcher whose career record of 25 wins, 46 losses, 236 saves, and 2.36 ERA was verified by the Japanese professional baseball team Raguten Golden Eagles. His small physique (175 cm tall, 74 kg) influenced his price. Matsui can declare a “free agent” by opt-out in 2026 or 2027. If he gets injured in his elbow during the contract period, SD has changed its guarantee for the fifth season and granted conditions for the team’s option of 7 million dollars. This means that he can be released.

It is winter of 2023, which is in stark contrast to the past two years when the team was most active after recruiting FA in the offseason. The team has reduced its annual salary by 100 million dollars after the 2023 season. Currently, the team ranks 12th in the MLB with 143.7 million dollars in annual salary including Matsui. The team does not have enough money to spend in the future. The mound is the problem.

Only pitchers who left their teams as free agents include Cy Young Award starters Blake Snell, Michael Waka, and Seth Lugo (Kansas City Royals), bullpen pitcher Josh Hader, Nick Martinez (Cincinnati Reds), Luis Garcia, and Tim Hill. They have recruited Matsui from the bullpen, but they lack quality pitchers.

It was the background of receiving four young pitchers and catcher Kyle Higashioka, including pitchers Michael King, Randy Vazquez, Johnny Brito and Drew Toffee, by giving outfielders Juan Soto and Trent Grisham.

Preller was relieved of responsibility for his poor performance in 2023. The late owner Peter Sidler was reappointed and passed away on Nov. 14. His contract runs through 2026.

The money is tied up, and the team has upgraded its power through trade. Preller has made numerous trades since his inauguration as the SD team leader. However, Juan Soto is the only successful postseason player in 2020. This latest attempt to trade first baseman Jake Cronenworth and second baseman Kim Ha-sung will result in a reduction in annual salary. This is not a trade that could constitute a variable for the team’s power.

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