It’s 1.3 trillion won… Otani + Yamamoto duo, ‘If you’re sick’ LAD is also ruined

“Crazy amount” exploded. Two players were paid 1 trillion won (approx. There are some concerns. It is an injury. If Shohei Ohtani (29) and Yoshinobu Yamamoto (25) are sick, the Los Angeles Dodgers will also be devastated.월카지노

The Dodgers is determined this winter. It grabbed 100 wins in the 2023 regular season, dominating the West Division of the National League. However, it was eliminated in the Division Series. The problem was the starting lineup. The earned run average is 4.57, ranking ninth in the National League.

Not a single pitcher in the team met the required innings. Clayton Kershaw was not the same, and Tony Gonsolin had elbow surgery. Julio Urías caused a stir with domestic violence.

Reinforcing the starting lineup was essential. I set my first goal as Ohtani. I have spent a whopping 700 million dollars for 10 years. It has far surpassed the previous record of 426.5 million dollars of Mike Trout.

There was another surprising thing. Deferring payment was included, which amounted to 680 million dollars. He receives only 2 million dollars every year for 10 years. In terms of value, Ohtani’s contract was set at around 460 million dollars.

Shohei Ohtani wears a uniform with the number 17 on his way to joining the Los Angeles Dodgers. Photo | LA=AP Yonhap News

This means that when setting the luxury tax standard, it will be about $24 million less per year. There is room. It moved again. The next goal was Yamamoto. The recruitment race was fierce. The Dodgers laughed again.

Ohtani’s presence was crucial. He also gave him money. He signed a 12-year, 325 million-dollar contract. Yamamoto made a splendid entrance, posting the highest ever among pitchers.

As such, the Dodgers held two ultra-high-end Japanese stars in one shot. They worked hard and opened their wallets. They are players who have to be nice to them. The problem is that there are “anxiety factors” at all. Eventually, health is caught.

Ohtani’s “double play” allowed the Major League to settle down. While winning 15 games as a pitcher, he can hit 40 home runs as a batter. The problem is pitcher Ohtani’s “durable.” He had elbow surgery in October 2018, and recently had his second surgery.

He has a good physical condition of 193 centimeters to 93.5 kilograms. He throws 100 miles per hour easily. The sweeper-folk ball combination is also among the best. In other words, the ligament has not been able to withstand such an explosive ball power. The season when he played both a pitcher and a batter at the same time is around 2021 and 2022.

For now, he cannot play as a pitcher in the 2024 season. He will play both pitching and hitting again from the 2025 season. Both sweeper and forkball are elbow strainers. There is no guarantee that he will not get sick again. There are cases where he gets Tommy John surgery three times.

Yamamoto has not thrown a single ball in the big league yet. Locally, they put a question mark on his physical condition of 178cm-80kg. It is not the so-called “solid physique.”

They are said to be the best pitcher in Japan, but the Major League is different. In Japan, they operate a rotation of almost six players. They take the mound once a week. In the Major League, the rotation of five players does not have regular rest days. They take almost four days off. There is a big difference.

Yamamoto sprays a fastball of 160km/h even with a small body. You have to stand on the mound more often than in Japan. It can put a strain on your body. Talent is certain, but no matter how good talent is when you are sick, it is useless.

Both Ohtani and Yamamoto cost more than 1.3 trillion won. The amount is also astronomical, with periods of 10 and 12 years, respectively. You have to play your part healthy during this period. For the Dodgers, they should not be sluggish, and if they are sick, it is bigger.

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