Hong Myung-bo won two consecutive games, and Kim Ki-dong and Lee Jung-hyo

The best coach in the K-League 1 in 2023 was Hong Myung-bo, who led Ulsan HDFC to two consecutive wins. However, a flurry of great players who made the K-League 1 debut in 2023 drew attention.

Ulsan, which won the championship for the first time in 17 years after Jeonbuk Hyundai’s solo performance last year, continued its solo performance this year by winning from the beginning of the season.랭크카지노

In particular, it is worth paying attention to Hong’s leadership, given that this is the first season in which “winning mentality” has deeply established itself among Ulsan players. Ulsan faced a crisis in June this year when some players including Park Yong-woo were found to have exchanged racist remarks on social networking sites, causing its team’s atmosphere to deteriorate. On top of that, as Park moved overseas, its teamwork began to falter.

However, Hong managed to keep players at bay even in a sudden crisis. Hong encouraged players even when the team was on shaky ground at the end of the season, and ultimately secured victory faster than last year. Hong’s leadership as he emphasized communication to the extent that he could identify individual players throughout 2023 by conducting an MBTI test.

Although he did not win the title behind Ulsan, the performance of Pohang coach Kim Ki-dong and Gwangju FC coach Lee Jung-hyo throughout this year was also outstanding.

Coach Kim, who recently took the helm of FC Seoul, has made tremendous achievements in Pohang. He ranked second in the league after Ulsan, and won the title at the Korea Football Association (FA) Cup by beating Jeonbuk Hyundai. On top of that, he is the only team among the four teams in the K-League to clinch the round of 16 by ranking No. 1 in the group at the 2023-2024 Asian Champions League (ACL). Attention is focusing on how far Kim, who has consistently led Pohang to the top ranks every year despite the fact that its parent company POSCO does not always provide sufficient financial support, will be able to elevate Seoul, which has struggled in recent years.

Lee, who led Gwangju to the third place and advanced to the Asian Champions League Elite (ACLE) next season, was the best star in the K-League this year. At the winter training media camp in February, he made a determined remark, “There seem to be a lot of people who envy me and want me to be bad at it. If you do well, you just have to praise me for being good,” drawing attention even before the start.

It’s a problem if only his speech is colorful and his performance is not supported, but Lee kept his words by leading Gwangju to the top. Although there were continuous remarks that might seem seemingly unpleasant, such as “I’m angry to lose such a football” and “How much is Jeonbuk coach’s annual salary?” it drew a lot of attention from fans, saying that it was rather fresh as it performed based on its strong control and leadership of the team. Some fans also nicknamed “Korea’s Mourinho” in comparison to AS Roma coach Jose Mourinho, who is also known for his excellent ability and direct talk.

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