Junichi, ‘Lowest for 2nd Year in a row’, Will he escape the stigma of water bat with his secret weapon

The Chunichi Dragons, which finished at the bottom of the Central League for the second consecutive year, have prepared a secret weapon to improve their offense.월카지노

Japanese sports media “Nikan Sports” reported on the 23rd, “Chunichi has been receiving great acclaim from players by installing batting training machines, including three automatic tee batting machines and two long throw ball machines, at the indoor training site of Nagoya Stadium in the offseason.”

“The automatic tee batting machine is similar to a device commonly found in golf courses, and has the advantage of being able to freely adjust the height and perform batting training by oneself without having to be lifted by an assistant player,” the media reported. “After the automatic tee batting machine was installed, the training methods of players have also become more diverse.”

Trevor Bauer, a former Cy Young Award player who played for the DeNA BayStars in Yokohama this season, released a video of him using an automatic tee batting machine on his YouTube.

“The long slow ball machine is characterized by a slow ball of about 50 kilometers in front of about 15 meters. It has the advantage of being able to gather your body when hitting,” Han said, expressing satisfaction. “The machine was introduced during the Yakult Swallows’ self-training in January, which was highly responsive, and hence the Chunichi Dragons were introduced.”

“Nikkan Sports” pointed out that the biggest weakness of the Chunichi Dragons, who ranked at the bottom for the second consecutive year, is the minimum team score in the league for the fourth consecutive year. Attention is focusing on whether Chunichi’s secret weapon, which he prepared to improve his offense, will work properly.

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