Kim Tae-han, center back of Gimpo’s sensation, will wear Suwon FC uniform

Kim Tae-han (27), a defender of Gimpo FC, has found a new nest. It is Suwon FC, which has transformed into head coach Kim Eun-joong.

“Kim Tae-han will be joining Suwon FC. An announcement will be made soon,” said an official familiar with the K-League transfer market on Tuesday. Kim, who will become an FA after this season, reportedly decided to move to Suwon FC, where he had expressed strong interest after agonizing over remaining in Gimpo and transferring to other teams. Until 2020, the K-League allowed prospective FA players to negotiate with their original teams only until Dec. 31, but from 2021, it eased regulations to allow free contact with all clubs six months before the contract expires in accordance with the Boseman Rule. However, the contract will officially go into effect on Jan. 1 next year.랭크카지노

Kim Tae-han was one of the most sought-after players in this winter. After graduating from Hyeonpung High School and Hanyang University, Kim joined Daegu FC through a rookie selection in 2018. He played in three games in his first year of joining the club, and was recognized for his potential. However, Kim Tae-han left Daegu after playing in only three games in 2020. He joined Gimpo FC in the K3 League in 2021 at the invitation of coach Go Jung-woon.

This choice has become a step of God. Kim Tae-han, who has established himself as the core of the fixed transportation three-back, led Kimpo to the K3 League title in 2021. Kim Tae-han, who returned to the K-League with Gimpo’s entry into the K-League in 2022, has shown more growth. He has led Kimpo’s upward trend, scoring one goal and one assist in 32 games. Kim Tae-han has established himself as the best center back in the K-League 2 in 2023. He formed a three-back with Cho Sung-kwon and Park Kyung-rok to lead Kimpo to the lowest number of runs, leading Kimpo to the first playoff since the team’s foundation.

Kim Tae-han was being courted when his contract expired. Gimpo sought to renew his contract with extraordinary treatment. However, other teams offered conditions beyond this, swaying Kim’s mind. In the K League 2, Jeonnam Dragons, Seoul E-Land, and Gangwon FC and Suwon FC wanted Kim Tae-han. While he was most likely to go to Jeonnam, Suwon FC jumped in. Suwon FC, which recorded the most goals lost in the 2023 season, has been eager to recruit a quality defender. Coach Kim Eun-joong also put Kim Tae-han on the list of players who are competing to recruit Kim. He changed the mood of his bid to recruit Kim through aggressive persuasion. Kim Tae-han, who had aspiration to challenge to the primary league, also decided to move toward Suwon FC. By recruiting Kim, Suwon FC succeeded in solving the first puzzle to reinforce its defense lineup.

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