Brought In Active Big Leaguer Pitcher For $1 Million… Samsung Seabold Could Be Second Pedi

This year, a pitcher who threw nearly full-time in the Major League came to the KBO League. It reminds me of Eric Peddy (30), who wore the NC uniform a year ago. All eyes are on Samsung’s new foreign pitcher Connor Seabold (27).

Samsung announced the recruitment of Seabold as a new foreign pitcher on the 22nd. It signed a total of 1 million dollars, including a down payment of 100,000 dollars, an annual salary of 800,000 dollars, and incentives of 100,000 dollars. As the foreign pitcher market is worse than ever, only two new foreign pitchers, LG Detrick Ns and Seabold, have filled 1 million dollars. Unlike Ns, who went through Japan, he was the only one among the five pitchers who came to Korea from the U.S. to fill 1 million dollars.

Seabold, a 188cm 86kg right-hander, made his big league debut in 2021 after being traded to the Boston Red Sox in August 2020 after being selected by the Philadelphia Phillies as the 83rd overall pick in the third round in the 2017 draft. After experiencing one game that year and five games last year, he was traded from Boston to the Colorado Rockies in January this year after transferring (DFA).

He had one win, seven losses and a 7.52 strikeout and 67 ⅓s in 27 Major League games (13 starts and 87 innings) at Colorado this season. He started as relief pitcher in April and started rotation starting in May, but suffered a slump, and eventually changed his job to relief again in mid-July. He went down to Minor League in early August, but was called up at the end of season in late September, and threw two more games as relief pitcher. Seabold, who recorded the highest ERA among 172 pitchers in the league who pitched more than 80 innings, had a higher ERA in away games (8.03) than at home (7.15).헤라카지노

He got a lot of opportunities because he belongs to Colorado, which has a weak pitching staff, but he still gained experience in the big leagues. He was expected to remain in Colorado’s power next year because he was not old and had no qualification to mediate annual salaries, but he was released on the 7th. Ahead of the Rule 5 draft, Colorado arranged the Seabold to make room for a 40-man roster. Clubs can select players only when there is a vacancy on the 40-man roster at the time of the Rule 5 draft. Colorado filled the Seabold spot when it drafted Tampa Bay Rays right-hander Anthony Molina in the Rule 5 draft.

After his release, Samsung contacted Seabold, who was on the market as an FA, and quickly signed the contract in 15 days. It is noteworthy that the team virtually caught an active big leaguer at a time when the pitching market was extremely low. Among the new foreign pitchers, NC`s Daniel Castano and Kiwoom’s Enmanuel de Jesus played in the Major League this year along with Seabold. However, the two pitchers pitched in only three innings and six ⅓ innings in two games, respectively.

As the market has become increasingly difficult to find special foreign pitchers, the number of experienced Major League players was only one to two years ago or even a brief call-up in that year. Seabold’s current big-league experience reminds us of Pedi’s trip to NC, where he spent nearly a full-time season as a fifth starter in the Major League for two consecutive years at this time last year. Pedi started all 27 games (127 innings) with the Washington Nationals in 2022, but was sluggish with 6 wins, 13 losses and a 5.81 ERA. When he was released as a non-tender after the season and became a free agent, NC quickly approached him and recruited him for the upper limit of 1 million dollars.

Even at the time of the contract, Peddy’s move to NC Dinos surprised the league and made people wonder why he came to Korea. However, going to Korea became a great move for Peddy, who needed turning points. He dominated the league with four wins (multiple wins, ERA, strikeouts, and winning percentage) in the KBO League this year, and won the MVP award, and was treated well by the Chicago White Sox for two years and 15 million dollars, making a U-turn in the Major League in a year.

Of course, it is hard to see Seabold and Peddy at the same level. Peddy was a promising player who was selected as the 18th overall pick in the first round of the 2014 draft, and has six seasons of experience in the Major League. He has played 88 games in total. In comparison, Seabold was not a promising player, and his 19 career starts in three seasons in the Major League are incomparable to Peddy’s. There is also a wide gap in his Major League performance before moving to Korea.

Still, Seabold certainly has the highest level of performance that he can bring to the market. Although his performance in the Major League is regrettable, he displayed good performance in all three Triple-A seasons as a starter with a total of 38 games (172 innings), 13 wins, seven losses, and an ERA of 4.13. He has had more strikeouts than 9.3 in nine innings, but he has a stable ball control with 2.4 walks. In this year’s Big League, he also had 2.9 walks per nine innings, which was hardly more than three. Seabold, who sprays short but simple backswing and four-seam fastballs at a low arm angle, has a changeup for left-handed hitters and a slider for right-handed hitters. The KBO League has many strong left-handed hitters, but it also has high-quality changeups.

However, the fact that there has been a gap of two weeks to two months due to elbow and forearm injuries over the past three years, and that it is a disadvantageous type in Samsung’s home stadium, “Lafak,” where many home runs are due to high fly ball ratio.

“He has strong fastballs with an average speed of 150 kilometers per hour, and changeups and sliders, as well as high-quality breaking balls,” Samsung said of Seabold. “He will play a role as one of the starting pitchers in 2024 based on his strong pitching and stable ball control as he is highly utilized in the left and right sides of the strike zone,” he expressed expectations. Though he would not be able to expect a second pedicure, he is expected to display the best performance among new foreign pitchers.

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