Samsung’s 1st starter and closing are empty… How far are the negotiations between Buchanan and Oh Seung-hwan

Negotiations with first starter David Buchanan, who the Samsung Lions have renewed his contract, and closing pitcher Oh Seung-hwan seem to be prolonged. Both have formed a consensus on staying, but they have not reached an agreement due to differences in the length and amount of the contract.헤라카지노

Samsung is busy off-season as any other team, although it is not obvious since Lee Jong-yeol took the helm. Lee Jong-yeol went to Japan in person and had in-depth discussions with manager Park Jin-man on plans to display his team’s capability next season, and immediately focused on making up for what he lacked in the team’s capacity.

At the front desk, he strengthened his inner room by reinforcing training parts and scouting parts, and recruited Kim Jae-yoon, a free agent (FA), by investing a total of 5.8 billion won for four years to fill the weak bullpen.

In the second draft, the team moved swiftly by bringing in underhand pitcher Yang Hyun and infielder Jeon Byung-woo. Recently, the team announced the recruitment of David McKinnon, who played for the Save Lions of the Japanese pro baseball after breaking up with Jose Pirella.

However, he is agonizing over the deal as two big contracts have yet to be resolved. They are Buchanan and Oh Seung-hwan.

Buchanan has been playing for Samsung since the last 2020 season and has been responsible for double-digit wins for four consecutive years. This year, he started 30 games and played the role of first starter with 12 wins and 8 losses and an ERA of 2.54.

Not only in the ground but also in the dugout, he is acting as a mood maker by claiming to be the cheerleader, and he is becoming a model for his colleagues by generously transferring his own know-how to young pitchers.

Samsung has already renewed its contract with Buchanan and started negotiations. However, there are differences of opinion between the two sides over the contract period.

Buchanan, who was born in 1989, will turn 36 next year in Korean age. Rumors say he wants to end his career with Samsung as much as possible as it is not easy to transfer to another team. Buchanan reportedly requested Samsung to sign a multi-year contract.

However, for Samsung, multi-year contracts are risky. This is because skills decline with age, and there is also a history of injury. Also, if you sign a multi-year contract, the total amount naturally increases. It is a burden in many ways.

Lee Jong-yeol said in a telephone interview with News 1, “He has displayed stellar performance at Samsung for the past four years, and he has displayed good performance as the first starting pitcher this year as well. Of course, he considers himself the first priority and is doing his best to stay there. I understand Buchanan’s position, but the scope that the club can also provide is set. To achieve one, we also need the wisdom to lay down one.”

We can’t just wait and see the Buchanan. “We’ve already made the third proposal and are checking it,” Lee Jong-yeol said. “Still, staying in the Buchanan is the top priority.”

Oh Seung-hwan and FA negotiations are also continuing to meet and coordinate their opinions.

Oh Seung-hwan pitched in 58 games this year with four wins and five losses, 30 saves and a 3.45 ERA. He went down to the second division due to a severe slump in the middle of the season, and although he had ups and downs, he succeeded in rebounding in the second half of the year and filled 30 saves, setting a 400-save gold medal for the first time in the KBO league.

Having made a comeback, Oh has strong desire to play as an active player for the time being. He also displayed his commitment to extend his active career at an award ceremony after the end of the season. Younger players also want Oh to stay.

Despite his considerable age, he is still competitive. Oh is also a necessary figure for Samsung in that he can buy younger pitchers time to transfer experience and grow.

There were disagreements at the beginning of the negotiations, but general manager Lee Jong-yeol is gradually narrowing the difference as he faces Oh Seung-hwan himself.

“I know that I don’t have much time left to play as an athlete. That’s why I naturally want to play for Samsung more. I fully understand and sympathize with him,” Lee said. “I met him twice and talked to him. I am looking for an agreement.”

For Samsung, its goal is to conclude the contract with the two by the end of the year. Since the end of the year and the Christmas holiday is approaching soon, Samsung says it will do its best to find a point of contact.

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