This winter is also popular in Thailand… K-League clubs busy preparing for winter off-season training

Even before the lingering effects of the 2023 season are over, K-League teams are preparing for next season. Some teams start assembly training for the 2024 season as soon as the Christmas holiday is over. Most of the teams plan to go overseas for off-season training to avoid the cold weather early next year and start to harden the new season.

According to each club and professional soccer federation on the 19th, Thailand is the most popular among K-League teams this year. Although there is a possibility of change, at least 14 out of 25 K-League 1 and 22 teams have planned to head to Thailand one by one from early January next year.

In the K League 1, Gwangju FC (Jan. 3-31), Incheon United (Jan. 8-30, Chiang Mai), and Daegu FC (Jan. 8-31, Chiang Rai) and FC Seoul (Jan. 9-28, Hua Hin) are scheduled to board flights to Thailand.

In addition, Suwon Samsung (January 12-29) and Seoul E-Land (January 11-28), Jeonnam Dragons (January 8-28), Chungbuk Cheongju (January 8-February 9, Bangkok), Gyeongnam FC (January 4-February 9), Seongnam FC (January 4-February 10), Bucheon FC (January 9-February 1, Chiang Mai), Busan I-Park (January 8-February 8, Hua Hin), and Cheonan City (January 3-24, Chonburi) are preparing for off-season training in Thailand.

A club official, who has already been heading to Thailand for several years for off-season training, said, “Thailand has a good weather for training as well as a well-equipped environment to focus on soccer. There are many clubs heading to the same place, so it is easy to play practice games there.” Most teams heading to Thailand will hold final training in Korea after returning home, while only Seoul plans to head to Kagoshima, Japan (Feb. 4-16) after the off-season training in Thailand.월카지노

Pohang Steelers and Daejeon Hana Citizen will also have training camps in Southeast Asia. Their destinations are Hanoi, Vietnam. Pohang will host the round of 16 teams of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League in February next year after Hanoi (Jan. 8-26) and Seogwipo (Jan. 29-Feb. 9). Daejeon will complete its off-season training in Vietnam from Jan. 10 to 28, and will hold more than 15 days of training in Kagoshima, Japan.

Among the 25 K-League clubs, Gangwon FC is the only team heading to Europe. The team is scheduled to depart Korea in mid-April and will hold training sessions in Antalya, Turkiye for about a month from Feb. 19 to Feb. 18. Ulsan Hyundai will hold two training sessions in Japan, including Ishigaki (Jan. 12-21) and Okinawa (Jan. 22-4). Jeonbuk Hyundai is also the only team that will leave for Dubai (Jan. 10 to Feb. 3) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Suwon FC has yet to confirm its training overseas due to the selection of its coach and budget issues. Internally, the team only made plans to train in Southeast Asia, including Thailand or Indonesia, via Suwon and Jeju. Starting anew under the leadership of Coach Kim Hak-beom, Jeju plans to start training for the new season at the Seogwipo Club House before heading to China or Japan.

Many teams are planning to harden their teams only in Korea, instead of going overseas. They are Kim Cheon-sang, who succeeded in being promoted to the K League 1, Gimpo FC, Asan Chungcheongnam-do, and Ansan Greeners.

Gimcheon will start preparing for the new season in Seogwipo, Jeju (Jan. 8-31) and Gijang, Busan (Feb. 1-14), while Gimpo will start preparing for the new season in Suncheon and Mokpo, South Jeolla Province (the schedule is undecided). Asan, South Chungcheong Province, is planning to train in Jeju (Jan. 3-29) and Suncheon (Feb. 2-20), while Ansan is planning the first round of training in Gijang, Busan, from Jan. 31 to Jan. 28 and then the second round in Korea. “Due to budget issues, the team will conduct off-season training in Korea instead of overseas,” said a team official who is planning off-season training in Korea.

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