Nottingham fired Cooper, who contributed to promotion and remaining, and Nunu’s appointment with SON

Nottingham Forest broke up with Steve Cooper. Nunu Espiritu Santo is the most likely next coach.

On the 20th (Korea Standard Time), Nottingham announced on its official website, “Cooper was dismissed from his position as Nottingham manager, which had been around for more than two years. It played an essential role in the club’s return to the English Premier League (EPL) and has firmly established itself in the club’s history.”랭크카지노

Cooper came to Nottingham during the 2021-2022 season and created a magic spell. He took charge of the team, which had been at the bottom of the table with one draw and six losses, and elevated it to fourth place in the English Championship, and sent the team to the EPL for the first time in 23 years by beating Huddersfield Town in a playoff.

Last season, he decided to stay even in a difficult situation. Although it was not a performance commensurate with the stormy recruitment of Nottingham owner Evangelos Marinakis, it could be said that the fact that the promoted team remained in the EPL itself played a role.

However, due to prolonged slump this season, he was eventually replaced. He was okay with two wins and two losses in his first four games, but had one win, five draws and seven losses in his 13 games afterwards, failing to rebound. Nottingham fell to 17th place in the league, and the club took the initiative of dismissing a manager.

Nunu Espiritu Santo is the most likely successor. Multiple local media reported that Nunu is Nottingham’s top priority, and negotiations have continued since Cooper’s dismissal.

He has made questions about his recent performance. He not only won the second division title at the Wolverhampton Wanderers but also advanced to the Europa League at the EPL, which humiliated him as a manager after 10 league matches at Tottenham Hotspur.

Last season, he made a comeback by winning the Saudi Super Cup and the Saudi professional league in Al-Itihad, Saudi Arabia, but this season, he had to take down the baton as he fell to sixth place in the league amid rumors of a disagreement with superstar Karim Benzema, who was recruited in the summer.

He is believed to have a good match with Nottingham. Cooper was sacked because he failed to transplant leading football into Nottingham. Nunu is capable of playing back-to-back football well compared to players that Nottingham is good at. He tends to pursue practical benefits to the extent that he boldly skipped the midfield at times.

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