K3 League Hwaseong FC Replaces Coach Even After Winning… Former Suwon Coach Joo Seung-jin Appointed

Hwaseong FC, which won the K3 League (tertiary league) in the 2023 season of football semi-professional, took the helm of former Suwon Samsung coach Joo Seung-jin.

Hwaseong said on Instagram today (18th) that it has officially appointed Joo.월카지노

Hwaseong wrote, “Please welcome coach Joo Seung-jin, who will continue to win and build a stronger team.”

Joo took his first steps as a professional leader by joining Suwon in 2019 as a coach.

Coach Joo, who became the head coach when Lee Im-saeng was in charge of handling the team as an acting coach after Lee voluntarily resigned in July 2020 due to poor performance.

When head coach Park Gun-ha was appointed as a firefighter in September of that year, coach Joo, who returned to his coaching job, was again used as a senior coach when head coach Lee Byung-geun resigned in the 2023 season and head coach Kim Byung-soo took the helm.

However, when head coach Kim was replaced on September 26 and veteran Yeom Ki-hoon was surprisingly selected as acting coach, he stepped down as the head coach again this time.

Hwaseong’s head coach, who is seeking to advance to the professional league, was originally coach Kang Kang, and under Kang, Hwaseong gained 60 points with 17 wins, 9 draws, and 2 losses in the 2023 season.

It was Hwaseong’s first win since the 2020 integrated K3 league reorganization.

He only ranked 12th in the league in 2021, but since Kang’s appointment, he has made a leap forward with the 6th place last year and this year’s championship.

However, Hwaseong has not promised to accompany Kang, and has publicly recruited a new manager for the new season.

Coach Kang also applied to continue his job, but he eventually returned the baton.

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