Jeju unveiled a documentary on the settlement of the 2023 season on the 16th, “Dreaming of Spring That Didn’t Come True.”

Jeju United’s 2023 season settlement documentary “Dreaming of a Spring That Didn’t Come True” is attracting many fans’ attention.

Jeju announced on the 17th, “We unveiled a documentary on the settlement of the 2023 season at 7 p.m. on the 16th, dreaming of spring that we could not achieve.”월카지노

It contains the sincere efforts and vivid behind-the-scenes stories of the team to overcome many crises and trials, including the emergence of captain Choi Young-joon, fluctuating performance, achievement of 500 wins in the team, and voluntary resignation of coach Nam Ki-il, and the dream of a spring that has not been achieved. It also embodies a sense of live and real life that was not encountered in live broadcasts and in-person training videos, such as major game scenes, locker room talks, and closed training videos.

In particular, the post-talk delivered by major figures such as acting coach Jeong Jo-guk, Choi Young-joon, Koo Ja-cheol, Seo Jin-soo, Kim Oh-kyu, Kim Dong-joon, Kim Bong-soo, Kim Geun-bae, Jung Un, and Lim Chae-min resonated like the adage, “Words that do not contain sincerity quickly disappear from memory, but even a single word with sincerity is memorable.” For fans who experienced the 2023 season, which was more eventful than ever, it was an opportunity to embrace new hope with various perspectives.

In this way, Jeju’s 2023 season’s end began to bloom with a new flower of hope, dreaming of a “spring that has not been achieved.” Kim Dong-joon said, “I think it will be just such a keyword, a season when the players communicated well,” and Kim Oh-kyu also reflected on the meaning of the one team, saying, “It’s a shame, but it was a really warm and happy season in my heart that the members of Jeju thought, ‘Can it be this good?'”

The ultimate goal of this endless challenge is still to advance to the Asian stage and win the title. The players unanimously announced their advance to the ALC and win the title. “My dream is to win the title. I dreamed a lot,” Koo said. “When I go back to Jeju from Germany, I always thought, ‘Will I be able to hold up a trophy that I didn’t hear in the 2010 season?’ I want to hear about the trophy.” “I was so happy while preparing for the FA Cup this season,” Jung said again.

He also thanked his fans. “I want to make all the supporters wear orange uniforms,” Kim said. “Of course, we have to do our best to attract more fans. Our biggest goal is to be able to fill the stadium with orange jerseys.” Acting coach Jeong Jo-guk also gave voice to his team, saying, “If Jeju fans give us more support and encouragement, our players will definitely repay you on the field.”

In response, Jeju fans showed unwavering trust and expectation. “It was nice that fans could learn more about the players’ inner parts through such video clips. As Kim Dong-joon said, Jeju’s spectators can explode if the team has a good performance. “I hope next year will be a good place to show good performance in Jeju,” “Looking at the players’ mindset, I think we can dye our hair orange and even try to win the championship next year,” and “I think it’s a great video because we can see what thoughts and situations have come and go internally. It’s great as a fan.”

Meanwhile, you can watch the 2023 season settlement documentary on YouTube, Naver TV, and Kakao TV dreaming of spring. Jeju plans to unveil a variety of high-quality condensates to expand communication with fans in the upcoming 2024 season.

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