“The last 10 years have been a failure”… Dodgers’ self-reflection, starting a new chapter with Ohtani

At ​​an official press conference held on the 15th (Korean time), Shohei Otani (29) said, “I was attracted to the fact that all members wanted to win,” regarding the reason for choosing the LA Dodgers. He explained.헤라카지노

Ohtani, who left Japanese professional baseball and entered the Major League Baseball (MLB) at the end of the 2017 season, played for the LA Angels for six years, setting numerous records and collecting individual trophies. However, there was just one thing, he could not win a World Series championship ring.

The most important factor in deciding on Otani’s next destination, who qualified as a free agent after the end of the 2023 season, was also ‘winning the championship. It was competitive. And the Dodgers captured Ohtani’s heart.

The astronomical amount of $700 million was not everything. The San Francisco Giants also made a similar offer to Ohtani. The decisive factor in the Dodgers embracing Ohtani was his desire for victory and obsession with winning.

Ohtani said, “The Dodgers management has “failed” the performance over the past 10 years. 39; was stipulated. When he heard those words, he felt the Dodgers members’ strong will to win. “And it matched what I wanted,” he said, explaining the reason for choosing the Dodgers.

The Dodgers have won the National League West Division nine times over the past 10 years, and succeeded in winning the World Series of their dreams in 2020. But the Dodgers were not satisfied. Beyond winning the district and league championships, they wanted to consistently be at the top of the World Series, and this year they also opened their wallets wide for generous investment. And they succeeded in bringing in Ohtani.

Ohtani also responded to the club’s sincerity. Of the $700 million, it was agreed to receive only $20 million over the 10-year contract period and the remaining $680 million over the next 10 years.

Some say Ohtani’s payment deferral clause could be considered a tax liability. There were also criticisms that it might have been a trick to receive benefits. However, in his first official activity as a ‘Dodgersman’, Ohtani once again dismissed the controversy, revealing his desire for the team’s sustainable development and victory.

The payment deferral clause is disadvantageous to players considering the decline in currency value and inflation rate, so if Otani had put money first, he would not have included the clause. Moreover, Ohtani will receive the entire remaining salary at the end of the contract period without interest.

The Dodgers, who secured financial flexibility thanks to Ohtani’s consideration, are also continuing to strengthen their power.

On the day of Ohtani’s induction ceremony, he succeeded in acquiring starting pitcher Tyler Glasnow through a trade with the Tampa Bay Rays, and also jumped into the race to recruit free agent pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto. It is known that Otani also attended the meeting between the Dodgers and Yamamoto and provided support. There is also talk that they are targeting closer pitcher Josh Hader.

Ohtani said, “The Dodgers members share the same passion as me. They have a vision and history of winning, and I share the same values, so I can’t wait to join the team. “Just like six years ago, I will take on a challenge with the Dodgers,” he said. Attention is focused on what kind of synergy the Dodgers and Ohtani, who joined forces to win the World Series, will create.

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