Six Messi ‘World Cup winning’ uniforms were sold for 10 billion won… New York online auction… Less than Michael Jordan’s 13 billion won

Lionel Messi (36, Inter Miami CF) led Argentina to victory in the 2022 Qatar World Cup at Lusail Stadium in Qatar on December 18 last year.

Six of the uniform tops he wore at the time are on sale at Sotheby’s. It was sold for $7.8 million (10 billion won) at Sotheby’s New York auction. According to ESPN in the U.S., the final selling price was decided on the 14th (local time) through three bids.랭크카지노

The shirts that Messi wore in the first half of his six matches in Qatar were put up for auction by tech startup AC Momento and went to an anonymous bidder

reaching a record price. Despite hopes that it would, the total sales fell short of the highest price ever paid for a jersey worn in a game.

The highest price ever was set by the National Basketball Association (NBA) in 1998. $10.1 million (13 billion won) was spent on the jersey worn by Chicago Bulls’ Michael Jordan in Game 1 of the Finals. This auction took place in September last year.

This surpassed the $9.28 million (KRW 11.9 billion) price of Diego Maradona’s “Hand of God” Argentina jersey sold in May last year.

Before this auction, Messi wore it in a game. The highest record spent on one set of clothes is $450,000 (580 million won), which is FC Barcelona’s No. 10 uniform during El Clásico in 2017.

Messi was Argentina’s defender during the World Cup in Qatar last year. He was the captain, and the two teams tied 3-3 in the first half of the final, and Argentina won 4-2 in a penalty shootout and lifted the trophy.

Messi said on the 20th of last month, “ 6 World Cup shirts. One auction. “Today my friends at @acmomento are announcing an auction at @sothebys for 6 of the shirts I wore at the World Cup in Qatar, including the shirt I wore in the final.” He said, “In November. Bid online at Sotheby’s from the 30th to the 14th of December. “Part of the proceeds from the auction will be donated to the ‘UNICAS’ project led by ‘Sant Joan de Deu (SJD) Barcelona Children’s Hospital’ for children suffering from rare diseases.”

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