‘Shocked! Ten Haq insurrectionist was Rashford’…Larker Room Rebellion Lead, “Criticized Ten Haq’s tactics and training methods”

Shocking news has arrived. Marcus Rashford is the “rebel” at Manchester United in the English Premier League (EPL) who is unhappy with manager Eric ten Hague.랭크카지노

United have been on a downward spiral this season. After finishing third in the EPL last season, they’re not in the mood to win cup competitions. They’ve suffered a series of humiliating defeats. They’re sixth in the league and last in Group A of the UEFA Champions League (UCL).

The season-long slide has led to questions about Van Gaal’s leadership, with reports suggesting that many United players were turned off by his heavy-handed approach to the Jadon Sancho saga.

There were also reports that some players were unhappy with Van Gaal’s training methods and expressed doubts about his tactics, including his final line. Despite these reports, no specific names were released.

However, the name of one of the players who led the rebellion has been released. Surprisingly, it’s Rashford. He exploded under Van Gaal last season. He scored a career-high 17 goals in the league and 30 in total. He also signed a massive new contract with United.

It turns out that he’d forgotten about his gratitude to Van Gaal and was leading a managerial rebellion. I wonder if Van Gaal realized this. Rashford has been a regular starter under Van Gaal, but in the last two league games, he’s been a late substitute. Rashford still has just two goals this season.

“According to United sources, Rashford was one of the players who went on a rampage and revolted in the United locker room. Rashford has lost faith in Van Gaal. “Rashford doesn’t like Van Gaal’s tactics, and he doesn’t like Van Gaal’s training methods,” the report said.

“Rashford started 13 of the first 14 games in the EPL this season,” the outlet continued. However, he has seen his minutes drop significantly in recent games against Chelsea and Bournemouth, coming on as a substitute.” It could be the aftermath of a rebellion.   

As the UK’s Sportsmall notes, “Van Gaal has faced constant player discontent after a difficult start to the season. His recent slide has seen him lose control of the squad. A group of players have criticized his training methods and tactics. When players asked for a break, Ten Haag reportedly refused. Rashford was one of the players who lost his trust.”

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