Pitchers, catchers, and infielders are all golden fishing grounds… Pay attention to the 2025 Rookie Draft Game Appeal

Scouts from all over the country are already working on their lists to find the next big thing. In high school baseball, the strongest regions and strongest high schools change every year. You never know which players will break out.

As is the case every year, next season is expected to be even more dominated by the Seoul region, and a high school in the Seoul area is making waves.굿모닝토토

It’s Gyeonggi Sanggo. Gyeonggi Sanggo is expected to produce the most pro-drafted players since its inception. A high number of drafted players means a strong team.

First of all, Gyeonggi Sanggo is known as a catcher’s academy that produces top catchers. Basically, the head coach, Choi Deok-hyun, is a former catcher, and the head coach is a former catcher. Both of them played in the pros. Good catchers are bound to come out of it. Ahn Jin, who is currently playing for the Hanwha Eagles, and Uhm Hyung-chan, who went to the Kansas City Royals, are both from Gyeonggi Sanggo.

And another catcher, Choi Max-er, is thriving. He has the qualities to become one of the best offensive catchers. He is Han Ji-yoon.

Han Ji-yoon is a big catcher who has already attracted the attention of professional teams. Some club officials are looking for Lee Yul-ye, who has good defense and is quick to get the ball out, while others are looking for Han Ji-yoon, who has good offense and strong shoulders.

Han Ji-yoon’s biggest advantage is the destructive power of her big frame. In the last Cheongnyonggi, he had a ridiculous 11 hits in 15 at-bats, establishing himself as one of the best catchers in the game. The biggest question mark for Han Jiyun is almost always his size.

If he makes it to the pros, he’ll likely be the tallest catcher in the game, but the Gyeonggi Sanggo coaching staff isn’t worried about that. Before leaving for Australia, Gyeonggi Sanggo’s Uhm Hyung-chan trained with Han Ji-yoon and said, “He’s really fast. People expect her to be slow because she’s a big girl, but she’s unexpectedly agile and fast. She’s a better catcher than I was in high school,” he said.

He’s a beast, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him go in the first round next season. Nowadays, catchers are expected to have a strong offense. Players like Park Dong-won, Yang Ji, and Kang Min-ho are representative. Han Ji-yoon has a lot of potential to grow into such a long-hitting player.

It’s not just catchers. There are also three good players in the infield. Choi is the one who is getting the most attention. He is the same age as Deoksugo’s Park Jun-soon and Cheong Liang-joong. He hit a three-run home run against Deoksugo in the Seoul Autumn League last November. He is also the captain of Gyeonggi Sanggo next season. Next year, Gyeonggi Sanggo will have a solid No. 3 and No. 4 lineup of Choi Tae-hyun and Han Ji-yoon. They are highly trusted players.

As pitchers, they have good shoulders that can throw more than 140 kilometers, and they are also good at hitting. He’s also a third baseman that the pros are looking at. If he shows more impact at the plate next season, he could develop into a player of the caliber of this year’s third-round pick, Jong-sung Lim. A scout from his parent club also spoke highly of his potential, saying, “He’s a player we’re keeping an eye on.”

There are also two good players at shortstop. Yoo Jae-hyun and Yoo Eun-jong. Yoo is a shortstop who opted to be paid due to injury this season. He was expected to be selected in the professional draft this season. He is currently rehabbing from surgery and preparing for next year. In the mornings, he goes to school, and in the afternoons, he does rehabilitation training.

Yoo Eun-jong will be a third-year player next season. She is also a solid defender. Despite being quite tall, she is a solid defender. First of all, while Yoo is a more dynamic defender with a better bat, Yoo is considered to be a solid and stable defender.

The consensus is that Jae-hyun has the edge in hitting and Yoo has the edge in defense. In particular, Yoo’s batting performance next season is expected to determine his draft order. Given the specificity of the position, the potential for improvement in defense is also an important evaluation criterion.

There are two pitchers who are also gaining attention. They are Lim Jin-mook and Lim Da-on. Lim has been the ace of Gyeonggi Sanggo this season. Despite being a sophomore, he pitched a whopping 45 innings this season. He has a rather skinny build, but he can throw a fastball. He also has excellent command of his pitches, with only 15 strikeouts in 45 innings. In the last Cheongnyonggi, the team reached the quarterfinals thanks to Lim Jin-mook. He is also known among his peers in Seoul as a good baseball player. He is one of the top candidates for next year’s draft, as there is a dearth of notable pitchers at the moment.

Lim Da-on was also a very popular player during his time in Cheongnyang. Many high school officials coveted him. However, due to an injury last season, he opted to sit out a year, just like Yoo Jae-hyun. However, his status among scouts is still unknown. They don’t know exactly what he will look like after returning from injury. How he performs next season will have a big impact on his selection. He”s considered a rougher pitcher than Lim Jin-mook.

Left-handed pitcher Jeong Se-young is another player to watch for next season. Even as a sophomore this season, she pitched a whopping 42.2 innings and became one of the mainstays of Gyeonggi Sanggo. He is expected to be a part of the Gyeonggi Sanggo mound next season, along with Lim Jin-mook and Lim Da-on. He’ll need to improve his command of his pitches, but as a left-hander, he’s sure to make the list.

The Gyeonggi Sanggo has assembled its strongest roster since its reorganization. Current predictions are that they won’t have a better roster for a while. Even the players who chose to be paid are preparing for next year’s season, believing that this year is the optimal time. For the first time, the team will be traveling abroad for training.

The truth is, in high school baseball, you never know how a team will perform. Just because you have a lot of good players doesn’t mean you’ll win. However, it’s not surprising that Gyeonggi Sanggo, with its catcher, shortstop, third baseman, and pitcher, is considered a favorite to win next season. That’s why they’re a team that shouldn’t be missed by baseball fans and those who want to see the future of professional baseball.

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