I was looking at Ohtani. “Nothing really happened.” Was there such a boring winter meeting

Here’s how The Athletic recaps the Winter Meetings so far this week. The day saw Alex Verdugo traded from the Boston Red Sox to the arch-rival New York Yankees, but it wasn’t the big news Major League Baseball officials were hoping for.레모나토토 도메인

The biggest story of the day was the embarrassing revelation that Los Angeles Dodgers manager Dave Roberts had met with Shohei Ohtani. Ohtani’s agent, Nez Valero, asked the other club not to disclose details of the negotiations.

Chicago Cubs general manager Craig Counsell, Toronto Blue Jays general manager John Schneider, and San Francisco Giants general manager Bob Melvin were all coy when asked if they had met with Ohtani, with Roberts the only exception. In fact, Dodgers general manager Brandon Gomes was as evasive as the others. There are reports that Roberts may not have anticipated the fallout from his comments.

In the absence of news, some have pieced together clues and speculated on Ohtani’s destination. This was the case in Toronto.

The reason for this is the sudden change in schedule between general manager Ross Atkins and Schneider. Instead of traveling to the Winter Meetings, Atkins held a press conference via video conference, with an unidentifiable white wall as a backdrop. Schneider was scheduled for a press conference on the 5th, then pushed it back. His agent, Nez Valero, was also not at the Winter Meetings that day. The simultaneous absence of key Toronto officials and Ohtani’s agent from the Winter Meetings raised some eyebrows.

The general consensus is that the problem is Ohtani. It’s not his fault, but many clubs with money to spend are waiting for him to decide where he’s going to live, and the Winter Meetings have become a boring affair.

“Ohtani holds the key to everything,” said the Athletic, “and he’s on pace to surpass the $426.5 million total set by his former Los Angeles Angels teammate Mike Trout. The impact of the deal will be felt by both the team that signed him and the teams that lost out on the competition. But for the executives, agents, and other baseball insiders gathered at the Winter Meetings, there’s not much to see until Ohtani signs.”

The outlet noted that it was as quiet as the 2018 Winter Meetings, when Bryce Harper (Philadelphia Phillies) and Manny Machado (San Diego Padres) didn’t sign until spring training. The reason for this is the overlap between the teams trying to land Ohtani and the rest of the major free agents. Teams trying to trade Juan Soto from the San Diego Padres, and teams trying to land free agents Cody Bellinger or Blake Snell will be directly or indirectly affected by Ohtani’s presence.

Given how dull the Winter Meetings have been, The Athletic wrote that “Roberts’ candor was a breath of fresh air in an industry desperate for any news,” and that “after a week of waiting for one player’s decision, this is a big story.”

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