Arsenal Football Analysis → Asking for advice from Lee Jung-hyo, Hannam University coach Park Kyu-sun, “Choosing a way to win.”

Hannam University head soccer coach Park Kyu-sun, 42, was honored with the Best Coach Award at the 2023 Korean University Football Association Awards. Park was the center of attention at the ceremony, which took place on Thursday at Hotel Rivera in Seoul.

Hannam has dominated the college scene this season. The team won three tournaments this year, including the Spring League Tongyeonggi, the 1st and 2nd Grade Federation Games Baekdu Daegangi, and the Autumn League Taebaeksangi. They won all the tournaments in which they reached the finals this year. If you include the National Championship, which is not a federation event, the team has won a total of four trophies.레모나토토

“I haven’t won many awards,” Park said. Even as a player, I didn’t win any individual awards. This year, I won a lot of awards while coaching. We had a winning ceremony at school earlier. When I saw the four trophies on the table, I thought, ‘I really did something great this year,'” Park said.

Born in 1981, Park has an elite pedigree at the youth level. He competed at the 2002 Busan Asian Games and the 2024 Athens Olympics under the Taeguk mark. However, his career ended early due to injuries. After his retirement, he took up coaching at Hannam University. He became an assistant coach and then head coach in 2019. He quickly took the team to the top with his build-up soccer.

“I play a soccer with a lot of numerical advantage,” Park said. There are some people who say, ‘It’s a cartoon,’ or ‘This is how it should be done. It’s not about my pleasure and satisfaction, it’s about taking my own way to win. This year it paid off,” he said.

“I’ve watched a lot of European soccer since I was a kid. I watched FC Barcelona, Man City, Arsenal, and others. Nowadays, I watch a lot of Arsenal games. I learned a lot from them, like when to play with the advantage, how to pass, and what to do when there’s a lot of pressure. I connected my TV to a video channel. I watch not only European soccer but also domestic high school teams because there are a lot of teams building up. I try to incorporate the strengths of other teams into my philosophy. I also had a long conversation with Gwangju FC coach Lee Jung-hyo. He told me how to create situations by position.”

After his best year in 2023, Park has already started preparing for the new season. Hannam has been in winter training since last month. “This is my fourth year as head coach. In the first three years, there were a lot of trial and error. I ran (the team) with less than 20 players. We couldn’t get many players. Last year, I got a little too many players. Next year, we’ll have 12 or 13 players. We don’t have a third or fourth year. It won’t be easy to perform like we did this year. Even if the results don’t come, we’re trying to give a good performance.”

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